Inspiring Video Messages

Check out these great inspiring video messages that go with James' daily Facebook posts.

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Q & A: Forgiving Self for Past Mistakes

How do I forgive myself?

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Inspiring Short Video by James Blanchard Cisneros based on an excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember. This is one of our most popular videos.

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Extraordinary spiritual self-help book which fosters peace of mind, joy, love, forgiveness, letting go of anger, living in the present moment, trusting God & awakening consciousness.

Review of the Book
You Have Chosen to Remember:

Truly Enlightening

This book has brought me closer to the answer that I have been seeking all my life. To know and live the truth is holy freedom and this book generously gives you the truth by teaching you that it has been inside you all along. I am eternally grateful. “When the student is ready the teacher and the lesson appear.”

– Monica