The Dream Of Separation

Chapter 1: The Dream

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

One of the ego’s favorite games in this dream is the idea of separation. It teaches that we can find true peace of mind and joy through separation. It wants us to believe in the idea of separation so that it can serve as our only guide. The ego wants us to see it as valuable and useful, for it has trained us to discard the valueless and useless.

The ego wants us to believe in the idea of completion but never actually achieve completion. It doesn’t want us to achieve completion because we would no longer need it. So it serves as our guide, offering us one treasure map after another, and we buy into this reality. We cannot yet acknowledge to ourselves that the treasure lies within, and so we look outside for what the ego says will make us happy and whole. We search but we rarely find. The few times we find the treasure chest, we become momentarily satisfied, only to open it and find it empty. We start to question the ego, but as we do, it offers us a new map and promises that this time it will bring us peace of mind, joy and completion.

Every map, every guidance the ego offers tells of an outward journey in a world of scarcity, where in order to succeed we must find the limited number of idols (false Gods) before our brother or sister does. It tells us that we should join those brothers and sisters who think as we do and shun those who do not. It begins its game by separating its illusion into thousands of different ideas that we make into idols. It whispers that we must obtain these idols, material things and ideas to achieve completion. This way it covers itself by making sure that we will bite at a few of these thousands of idols and spend our time trying to obtain them. For the more time we spend searching for them, the less time we have to question the ego’s guidance. Like a wise old fisherman, the ego keeps switching bait until it finds the right one for the fish it is trying to catch. We then decide which idols are most important to our completion, and live our lives trying to acquire them. We look for brothers and sisters who are in search of similar idols in the form of ideas, material things and status. And we discard and separate from the brothers and sisters who do not share our views.

My friend, it is not the idols we seek, but completion itself. We will not find completion by discarding any brother or sister. We will not find completion by attaching ourselves to an individual brother or sister or to a specific group. We will never find completion by searching for illusions. For only in the illusion can parts of a whole join together at the exclusion of other parts and call themselves complete and whole. And only in a mass illusion can idols offer us something God can not. There is no end to illusions and the only way to find completion is to awaken.

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I constantly battle ego over completion, like an ingrained fear of suceeding,its so good to know Im not alone in this battle.

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