Invitation #2 – Act Or Pretend To Be Awake

Chapter 1: The Dream

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

This invitation will help create a new thought pattern, a new way of reacting to your fellow brothers and sisters’ actions. Whenever you can, try to replace anxiety with peace, anger with love, and judgmental behavior with understanding. Replacing illusions with truth will assist you in awakening and remembering truth. Approach every situation possible by extending the truth, the love that you are. Make your peace of mind and joy the goal in every situation possible. This is achieved by reacting to your brothers and sisters with forgiveness, love, peace and understanding, regardless of the illusions they might be buying into at the time. When they try to pull you into their illusions, remember that you are awake. Don’t judge your brothers and sisters, for they may simply be asleep and dreaming. Would you judge your children for screaming in their sleep, or would you hold and comfort them? Would you scold your children for kicking you while asleep, or would you simply turn them around? Would you laugh at your children if they described the monsters in their dreams, or would you turn the light on and let them see for themselves that there are no such things? Do this, and every time you succeed in remaining awake, congratulate yourself, for you have chosen peace. It is the same situation as before, but instead of buying into the illusion, you have now consciously chosen to see and feel the truth. Look back at how you reacted before, when you were asleep, when you saw the gift as a brick you must defend against. Try to remember what this behavior resulted in: pain, sadness, judgment and regret. Now, experience how it feels to be awake, to react with love, to have true peace of mind, thanks to the recognition and understanding that your brothers and sisters may simply be sleeping.

You need not sleep any longer, and so you now awaken. Your brother and sister may need a little more sleep before they choose to awaken. Let them sleep. Soon they will awaken, and you will be waiting. It will gladden you to see that they have chosen to awaken, for now they can join you on your journey. For where you are going, you cannot go alone and the recognition of your brothers and sisters’ perfection is the key that will open your gates. Those who have already awakened wait for you with everlasting patience. They are excited, for they see your shadow gliding through the distant fog. The time has come. Your walls of forgetfulness have now turned to veils, and you simply need to push them aside. Be joyful and remember that your brothers and sisters are simply light posts on your road back home. Be not afraid to take the final steps, for your true home is never dark or empty. Your home is forever lit by love and filled with peace.

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