Judging the Dreamer

Chapter 1: The Dream

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Every day we help mold and develop people by what we offer them. If we offer people patience, love and forgiveness, they have a greater chance of growing into patient, loving and forgiving beings. And we will live in gratitude if these people touch our lives or the lives of our children. These people will in turn be grateful to us and our children, for they will remember that it was our patience, love and forgiveness that allowed them to become who they are today.

My friend, offer what you want to experience. Offer patience, love and forgiveness, and you will manifest them in one way or another in your life. Offer judgment and ridicule, and sooner or later, this is what you will manifest into your life.

Each one of our brothers and sisters’ words and actions is a gift. If their words or actions are not understood as gifts, then we are misperceiving reality. We can perceive a person’s words or actions as gifts to be grateful for, or as bricks we must defend against. One decision will bring us peace, and the other will bring us judgment and pain. Understand that only in the dream can a gift be turned into a brick that we must defend against.

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