Knowing Your Power

Chapter 1: The Dream

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

If we continue to participate in the illusion, there are rules and laws that we’re advised to follow. We are told that those who do not follow these rules and laws are judged and punished. Our parents, our peers and society have rules and laws. If we follow all of their rules and laws, we are then considered good children, friends or members of society. Yet, if we follow the rules and laws of one group, we often break those of another, and thus people who think we are doing the “wrong thing” or “not doing the right thing” are constantly judging us. Individuals in a group may have different views on how the group should be run and behave. They might judge us if we do not follow their steps. Yet even when we follow their every step, we are still not safe from their judgment. Conversely, we, on many occasions, have been the judge, but what has this ever offered us? Pain, sadness, disgust, envy, jealousy, anger and many other negative emotions have resulted from our addiction to judging other people. Judging is not only a bad habit but also an addiction, for what else would we call something that causes us pain over and over again, but we continuously choose to inject into our lives and into the lives of others?

Like a drug dealer, we continue dispersing our judgment with no regard for how our behavior affects those with whom we interact, or how our behavior affects those with whom the people we have judged interact. Imagine being a pebble falling into a pond. The pebble might see and experience the ripples it created by its interaction with the pond. Even as the pebble slowly sinks to the bottom of the pond, it might look back and see the ripples expanding beyond the point of interaction. But soon, as it continues its journey into the pond, it loses contact with the point of interaction. Yet, even though it has lost its view of the surface, the ripples continue to expand, changing the surface and edges of the pond in a way the pebble might never see. Just as the pebble falls into a pond, our judgment of others will be dispersed and shared, and will touch an innumerable number of people that we will never see. Don’t believe for a second that what we say or do affects only the person with whom we physically interact. Our judgment or acceptance will be carried from one to many, and they in turn will carry it to many more.

Just as you have the power to judge and spread yourself like a virus, you also have the power to spread love. This is the one choice you make every time that you interact with a brother or sister. My friend, you touch this world on a much deeper level than you could ever imagine. You will one day see the result of all your words and actions, yet until that day comes, know your power. Know that not only do you have the power to make this world a more ugly or beautiful place, but that you do so every time you choose between judgment and love.

You are a powerful being. How you ultimately choose to use this power is up to you. You might not recognize this power yet, but the day is coming when you will look within and remember. Every person with whom you have ever interacted has acted as a mirror to show you more about yourself. Every person with whom you interact, now acts as a mirror to show you where you are now within your mind. You are here to learn about your thoughts and emotions, and you will see them reflected not only in the reactions and actions of your brothers and sisters, but also in everything you see around you. There does not exist a person, place or thing in this world that does not reflect who or what you believe about yourself. When properly perceived, all people, places and things will teach you who you currently believe yourself to be. All people, places, things and moments reflect what you think and feel about yourself.

Our reality exists within our minds, and because of this, we can change it if we so desire. Our reality is not as rigid as our egos currently lead us to believe. We can have a world of acceptance, peace, abundance and joy, for these are simply choices we can make. The choices between acceptance and judgment, peace and pain, abundance and scarcity, joy and sadness are simply ours to make. For if we have ever experienced judgment, pain, scarcity and sadness, it is because the reality within our minds made us believe that these were proper, fair, and correct responses to whatever we thought we were experiencing. In the end, these were choices we made. We have been taught by the world, our families, peers and society how to react to circumstances. But look to see where most of the world, our families, peers and society physically, spiritually and emotionally live. They predominantly live in a world of confusion, chaos, anger and judgment, and yet they want us to believe that if we follow their rules and laws, we will find peace of mind and joy.

It is now time for us to recognize that we are powerful beings. It is time to put aside all rules and laws that have resulted in judgment, pain, scarcity and sadness. For deep within, we know this is not what we want. And if we don’t want something, does it make sense to pursue it? My friend, there is another way. This other way offers us what we truly desire. This other way has always been available to us, we simply need to recognize its availability.

I know that you are ready to have what you want and I hope through this book you will find one of the many keys that are available to you.

My friend, you are a powerful being. Use your creativity and imagination to expand your ideas of what is possible for you to have and achieve. You can and will create a better, more peaceful life for yourself, if that is your desire. The only difference between the people who believe they can have a better and more peaceful life, and those who think they can’t, is their belief in the possibilities. If you are not at peace in any of your current circumstances then choose not to accept them as the best you can have. Don’t believe people when they tell you that something is impossible for you to achieve or create. Instead of focusing on how your life currently is, picture it how you want it to be. Imagine already having what you want. You can achieve peace in every situation, in all circumstances.

If there is anything in your life that is not bringing you joy or peace, ask yourself why it is that you continue to support that activity. Often you support it because you believe you deserve or need to experience it. You currently have in your life what you consciously or unconsciously want. But I offer you that if you have the power to bring to your life things that do not give you joy and peace, then know that you also have the power to bring to your life things that do offer you joy and peace. You have an active imagination, and you have created what you want and think you need to experience. So if you choose not to experience joy in the moment, then go ahead, play in the mud all you want. This much is true – you do have another choice. You can choose joy and peace in every part of your life. Currently, you may believe that this is not possible, and thus you are not experiencing it.

Friend, have you ever taken five minutes to think about and write on a piece of paper what it is that brings you joy and peace? Do you know? You do have a mission to accomplish in this life, and what you take joy in doing and what brings you peace are both reminders of what that mission is. If you did not have a purpose for being on Earth, then you would not be here. Remind yourself; write down what it is you love and receive joy doing, and there you will find a key to the purpose of your visit.

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Comments (7)

Yes, sometimes its our duty to let them fall and get up this time on their own knees, let them relize their own mistakes and come to God by themselves than…

I do not know what I enjoy. Paper and pen in hand and I am “blank”.

I typed in “letting go of ego” in my google search box and chose your website to read, and I am in amazement.

Hello Eve, I was glad to be of help. I am not out of the woods like you but I have persisted and am beginning to see wonderful changes taking place in my life. It is happening faster and faster. I AM BEGINING TO KNOW THAT I KNOW AND THAT EVERYTHING IS NOW GOING TO WORK OUT OK. It is a most wonderful deep feeling that doesn’t go away and that lets you know you are on the path of waking up. Trust me EVE it will happen to you too IF YOU PERSIST AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT WITH ENTHUSIASM. It’s something you have to DO EVE and not just read. WILL YOU PERSIST EVE? Take Care

Hi John, Thanks for your message. I really like your analogy.

Hello Eve, That is true what you say but remember – how did those “unworthiness” programs get there in the first place ? They were programmed !! Remember – what you are EMOTIONALLY focusing on or giving your attention to – good or bad – is in fact PROGRAMMING your mind. If you stick to it things have to change as the older programs will lose power. Take the analogy of adding a colored dye with a dropper to a large bowl of water. The first drops will show no effect even after mixing. If you continue to add the drops however a gradual color change will happen. If you continue to add the drops regualrly and mixing you will see a sudden color shift and the water will appear to be completely colored. Be persistent Eve and don’t expect to see immediate drastic hanges at first – but changes there will be. ISN’T IT WORTH THE EFFORT EVE?

Knowing our power seems surprisingly difficult. On one level, it’s easy to say “Yes, I believe in myself. I am worthy and capable”. But on a sub-conscious level, we have so many programs running in the background which are continuously telling us that we are not good enough or unworthy.

This excerpt is inspiring and powerful. Thanks.

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