Chapter 11:  Dreams, Prayer, Out-of-Body Experiences and Meditation

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

There is much knowledge that can be extracted from dreams. Some people tell me that they have trouble remembering dreams. Allow me to offer a little advice on this issue. By following the steps below, you will be better able to recall your dreams.

  • Buy a dream journal; keep it on your nightstand.
  • Meditate for at least five minutes before going to bed, and tell yourself that you will remember your dreams. Use it as a mantra. Say to yourself over and over: “I will remember my dreams.” This allows you to set the intention.
  • During the night, if you awake after a dream, write it down in your journal. (I keep a tape recorder next to my bed, so that I don’t need to turn on the light. In the morning, I simply transcribe the tape into my journal.)
  • Learn to recognize that moment before waking, when you haven’t moved physically but you know that you are about to wake up. Do not move physically, and do not open your eyes.
  • During this brief period of time, teach yourself to review all the dreams you can recall that night.
  • After recalling all you can, your first physical movements should be to open your eyes, pick up your pen and begin journaling your dreams.
  • If possible, repeat the procedure every night. You will get better with practice.
  • Start sharing your dreams with someone with whom you feel comfortable and see if this person has a different take on what the dream symbolized.
  • Keep practicing. Just as consistent exercise makes your muscles stronger, so too will practicing these steps make you more conscious of your nightly journeys.
  • Another technique you can follow that will assist you in having more lucid dreams is to set your alarm clock for a few hours before waking. When the alarm sounds, turn it off and go to the bathroom or walk around for a couple of minutes, then reset your alarm clock for your usual wake up time (I keep two alarm clocks). Meditate for five minutes and go back to sleep. This might seem like a pain in the neck to do, but if you’re having trouble achieving the lucid dream state, this will put you in a lighter dream state, and help you to achieve your goal of remembering your dreams and having lucid dreams.

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My son died march 2005, my sister died september 2007. I have had dreams about both. my dream with my son happened about 6months after he passed away, I drept I walked up to him in this room he was covered in a blanket to his neck I asked him where has he been? He took my hand and told me he just got here and that he was ok,I felt his hand in mine,with my sister 2 weeks ago I had just fallen asleep I was in a crowd of people and i saw her she turned around and called to me,hugged me I felt her whole body hugging me like it was real she was even weaing her glasses. I had a hard time leaving the dream I could not move

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