The Ego & Separation

Chapter 2: The Ego-Self

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

The ego wants us to believe that we are separate from our brothers and sisters. It wants us to think this way, because when we do, we also believe that if we attack them, the attack has no effect on us. Not only does the ego want us to believe this, but it also wants us to think that when we attack our brothers and sisters, this action somehow weakens them and strengthens us. In reality, any and all attacks weaken us.

The ego understands that there is a direct correlation between how badly we feel and how willing we are to attack our brother or sister. The worse we feel about ourselves, the quicker we are to anger, and the more willing we are to attack our brothers or sister. It wants us to slide on this never-ending, downward spiral of continuing attacks because we become weaker, and as we do we continue to look to the ego for guidance because it has taught us that it is the only one we can trust.

My friend, the ego would like you to believe that you are disconnected/separated from your brothers and sisters, and from God. As much as the ego would like for you to believe this, you have never been disconnected from your source. Your source is God. Your brothers and sisters’ source is God. Neither you nor your brothers and sisters have ever been disconnected from God, thus neither you nor your brothers and sisters have ever been disconnected from each other. Therefore, what you do to your brothers and sisters, you do to yourself.

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I sometimes think that the ego is never going away completely, but it can be helpful not to dwell on it’s influence, that seems to make me lose focus on the present moment and more important things. To try to counteract the unwanted influence of the ego on my thinking, I sometimes reflect on my conduct and words and decide I don’t want to be that way.

To whom corespond.Ihave read the part of the book about the ego it-self and very interest in that subject.I would also like to ask a question.How can i loose my ego and if is there anythin that i can do to loose it.I hope that you can give me a enswer to that. PD:I’am sorry for my ortografi but i’m lerning Inglish.Iam having problems with my ego and i’d like some help thanks.

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