OBE Given For Chapter Seven: Experiencing Only Love

Chapter 7: Freedom Through Forgiveness

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

Forgiveness - Great Inspiring short video on forgiving family members, coworkers, strangers and your self.

Inspiring video on Forgiveness

The same night I wrote the amnesia – forgiveness exercise, I had an OBE, and found myself assisting lost souls (souls that are dead, but don’t know it). I was having problems getting their full attention, so I started praying to God for assistance from Jesus. Suddenly I turned around and there He was, dressed in a white robe. I remember that my first thought was, “Wow, Jesus has really nice hair.” I mean, he had a full head of long thick hair, more like a woman’s than a man’s thinner long hair. Yes, I admit this was not the most impressive and enlightening thought; then again, if you had my hair, or lack thereof, the thought would not be so foreign. Anyway, I’m sure He got a good laugh out of it. He began guiding me into an auditorium, so I followed. I had had a few conscious past experiences with Him. Nevertheless, I got overly excited at being in His presence, and found myself back in my body. You see, when you’re out of the body, you travel by thought, and so you have to be focused on the moment or else you’re back in your body or off somewhere else. I became a little upset at my lack of focus but I knew He would understand and that sooner or later I would experience Him again. I would not have to wait long.

The next afternoon I began meditating and again left my body. Interestingly enough, I suddenly found myself outside the same auditorium that I had visited the night before. This was not one of those ancient Greek auditoriums full of light that you might envision Jesus teaching in. It was a modern-day auditorium with modern-day chairs and a large screen in the front. I went inside and saw Jesus again. This time he had on short and tight fitting clothes and was saying strange things – statements full of judgment and pain that you would not associate with Jesus. He was saying things that I definitely didn’t agree with and the people around him were doing things that were not spiritual in nature. I asked myself what was actually going on in my mind to create such an image, especially since all prior images and experiences with Him were so spiritually uplifting. Then I looked into His eyes, and I got the message He was trying to send!

The message was “Love me for who I Am, not for what I might say, look like, or do.” In that moment I found myself loving Him not for what He was saying, not for what he looked like, and not for what he was doing. I loved the Christ in Him, who He in truth, is. He is like us, and we are all God’s children. That is what I loved about Him. It had nothing to do with what He can say or do, and nothing he says or does changes anything about the truth in Him. Just as I believe that nothing anyone on this planet can do or say can change the truth of who that person is.

We need to love people for who they truly are, and not for who they think they are. Their projection of themselves and our interpretation of that projection have, in actuality, nothing to do with the truth in them.

I believe that all people were created from perfection and in perfection, and there is nothing they can do to change their essence. They can try to add or subtract from who they truly are, but you can’t truly add to or subtract anything from perfection. Perfection simply is, period. So if in the moment you were to actually have a true vision of any human being, perfection is all you would see. Any judgment you would have in regard to what that individual says or does can only come from your past perceptions of how one should react to anything someone says or does. If you don’t bring that judgment from the past, then you experience the present, and your present is the person in front of you, whoever that might be. Anytime you judge someone, you are bringing your past and theirs into the present. As a result, you miss the present by choosing to experience the past in its place.

When you experience Christ, you experience absolute love, and that is a love that has nothing to do with His past, or what you think He did or did not do. It is a love you experience simply in His presence. This you can accomplish with all people, for if you can judge all, you also have the ability to love all.

Let’s go back to my meditation in which I saw Jesus. The whole point was that judgmental words were being said and uncomfortable actions were occurring all around me. But I just looked into His eyes and I knew that none of that mattered. I looked into His eyes, and I “got it,” and the only thing I felt was love for who He really is – that and nothing else. If you can experience love with Him, and everyone comes from the same source, why can’t you experience that same love with everyone? If you can see God in one person’s eyes, then you have the opportunity and ability to see Him in all people. My friend, there is no difference between your best friend and worst enemy, except your willingness to see the truth in both of them.

I remember smiling at Jesus during the experience, and mentally expressing to Him that I “got it.” And I remember Him smiling back at me, mentally expressing to me that He knew I did. In a time of chaos, I found a moment of peace. Once this moment was recognized, it became all there was. It was I who had made the chaos real by focusing on it, and it was I who released this chaos by focusing on the truth. In any moment, you have a choice. Focus on the illusion and you will experience it; focus on the truth and you will experience it. As you grow, fear and chaos will be released, and peace and harmony will take their place. It will be these moments of growth that will lead you to experience more consistent peace and harmony in your life. It will be experiences such as these that will remind you that the choice to focus on fear and chaos or peace of mind and joy are yours.

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