Chapter 4 Overview: A Fulfilling Life

Chapter 4: A Fulfilling Life

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

Do you currently believe that you lack certain personality traits that allow you to have a more fulfilling life? You might think of yourself as not having some of these qualities, but my friend, I offer you this reminder: It is not that you don’t have these traits; it is simply that you are looking for a greater expression of them in your life. You have everything you need to be who you want to be. It is simply the recognition and expression of this that will awaken your memory.

The more time you spend convincing yourself that you do not have the traits you need for a more fulfilling life, the more you will increase the power of those thoughts over you. The more you increase their power, the more you will see them as real and true. The more you see them as real and true, the more you will defend them against other thoughts that question their reality. The more you see them as worth defending, the more you will defend them against the world and the more you will believe that they are worth defending. The more you buy into their reality, the harder it is for you to understand that you have done this to yourself. My friend, you are simply covering the treasure that lies within with dirt. Yet, however many feet of dirt you cover your treasure with, it does not eliminate the fact that the treasure still lies within.

Conversely, the more you analyze, focus on, and implement what you want to become, the closer you will come to its manifestation. Again, the more time you spend remembering that you already have the qualities you want to express, the more power you will give yourself. As you express these qualities, they will become more real to you. As you continue to increase their expression, they will become more natural to you. Thus, the traits you once felt you did not have will slowly be recognized as natural expressions of your true self. You will look back and understand that it was not that you never had these traits, but simply that you had unconsciously chosen not to express them. As you understand this of one trait, you will understand that this is possible with regard to all the traits you believe you need for a fulfilling life. Understand that you already have all the traits that you believe you need for a more fulfilling life. Herein lies the beginning of the recognition of your Godself.

Once you recognize your Godself, you will begin to recognize it in all others. You will see in others what they themselves cannot yet see. You will begin to have great respect and love for all your brothers and sisters. For you will recognize the beauty and perfection they have yet to recognize in themselves. You will see in every person’s eyes the perfect manifestation of God on Earth, and you will be thankful for their presence. Every encounter with a brother or sister will become holy, and you will experience every word and action as a gift. You will create heaven on Earth and an absolutely fulfilling life through your simple recognition of your Godself.

Your brothers and sisters will experience how you act and treat them, and they will be surprised. They will want to be like you and understand what it is you are doing in your life to be that way. And you will smile, but not from a sense of superiority, but from the knowledge that what your brothers and sisters are searching for, they already have. They will think of themselves as spiritual children, but you will know them as complete equals and peers. They will ask you questions that they believe they do not know the answers to, and yet when you answer them, a memory will be reawakened, and they will simply recognize that they already know what you are saying. They will understand that the answer has always been within them, simply waiting for the question to be asked. You will remind them that all the questions they could ever ask are exactly like that first question they themselves answered. They will recognize great freedom in this. They will recognize this memory as true. They will thank you for helping them remember their true selves and you will thank them for not letting you forget yours. You will experience great joy and fulfillment from your interaction with your brothers and sisters. You will live in joy with the knowledge that all your brothers and sisters are either living in joy or searching for it. You will even love and respect those you perceive as not searching for joy, for where they are in their remembering process has nothing to do with their perfection. You recognize and know them all as the perfect expressions of God, and it makes no difference where they believe themselves to be in that recognition.

A fulfilling life is lived by recognizing and expressing your Godself. There is nothing that can stop you from experiencing heaven on Earth, other than your belief that it is not possible. Equally so, there is nothing that can stop you from living a fulfilling life, other than your belief that it is not within reach.

Ask, my friend. You ask for so little. The universe waits for you to ask. Ask and be open to the recognition of the gifts that are offered to you every day. The more you focus on what you want, the easier it will be for you to recognize the gifts when they are being offered. The more you recognize the gifts that are being offered to you every day, the more thankful you will become. You will thank yourself for becoming more aware, and you will thank the universe. You will find yourself being more appreciative of the little things that life offers. You will acknowledge and be more thankful to your brothers and sisters. In doing this, you will raise your vibration, and it will become easier for you to acknowledge many more of the gifts that you once had not even noticed. You will more clearly see the signs on the road, and this will provide a more comfortable, carefree and joyful ride.

A fulfilling life is not only possible but also immediately accessible. There are no outside traits you must obtain to begin living such a life. If you have the thought of such a trait, it does not come from a sense of lack, but from a memory that is asking to be expressed. Through its expression, you will recognize that you have everything you need. Fulfillment comes as a result of acknowledging that you have everything you need.

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I have experienced one of the greatest trials and test over the last five years, from decisions to end life by others not their own, to child molestors, to addictions, perversions maniplulation and absolute betrayals. the passage gives me an insight that as much as I want to change these people it is their free will choice. I have always felt my salvation is more impotant then anything in this world and that the truth will set you free. such is not of this world yet your passage soothed me from anger toward their intentional and deliberate actions. The Lord says vengence is mine and before you pluck out whats in your brothers eye, first seek to pluck what is in your own eye. I am an unworthy servant but the Lord does walk with me. Glory to the most on high! Your passage brings joy to my heart that although I did not bring about the change I thought the Lord wanted; perhaps this was my about the change in me. Glory to God for his saving Grace! I can walk away knowing I have pass this trial in the Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ. I remain whole.

The gifts you have so to speak of, are ableto come out when you open up your heart and let them flow, letting people see who you really are, the true joy you have in your heart and how you open it to others. never ever let anyone close your precious natures let then shine, God made you to shine.

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