Experiencing Your Godself In The Moment

Chapter 3: The Godself

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros.

The Godself video - is a great, inspiring video about embodying your true self, godself or higher self.

Inspiring video on
the Godself

You might not understand the value that your current situation or circumstance holds. You might even perceive that it has no value at all. Maybe you perceive your current reality as boring, useless or not worthy of you. Maybe you see your current situation as valueless, insignificant or pointless, and are wondering how this really fits into your life. Right now, you might not understand what part of your puzzle you are now working on. Yet, my friend, I offer you this one piece to your puzzle: there is not one moment in your life, not one thought in your mind, and not one action in your day that is valueless, insignificant or pointless. This is what is meant by “experiencing your Godself in the moment.” If you would allow this one thought to enter the realm of your possibilities, it would forever change the way you see your life. In the book “Spiritual Growth, Being Your Higher Self,” author Sanaya Roman put it this way:

3 Imagine you are working on a jigsaw puzzle. You put pieces together in one corner and you can see a small house. You may work on a completely different area next, and a tree might appear. They don’t seem to be connected until later, when you work on another part and a country scene unfolds. The tree and the house are complete within themselves, but they are also parts of the bigger picture. You may have already discovered that seemingly unimportant things you learned, jobs you took and experiences you had all fit together in a way you couldn’t have anticipated at the time. It was only later, when you saw the bigger picture, that you realized the importance of certain things. Your higher self has a larger plan for your life, and every experience you have will fit together and give you value in some way, even if you don’t yet know.

Why is it that we have more faith that the pieces of a puzzle made by a company in Taiwan will all fit together than we have in the pieces of our life that are presented to us by God will fit together? One person chooses to put like pieces together first, while another chooses to put the edges of the puzzle together first, but neither individual ever really doubts that the puzzle will somehow fit perfectly. The edges in and of themselves probably have little to do with the main image or idea of the puzzle, yet without it, the puzzle is incomplete. In fact, although these pieces appear to have little to do with the main idea or image, they are nonetheless as important to the puzzle’s completion. In the beginning some pieces, even when they fit perfectly together, might not help you to understand what the puzzle is about; only in its completion can you appreciate the parts that at first seemed insignificant and pointless.

There was a moment in existence where God thought, and from this thought you were created. You are the physical manifestation of God’s thought. If you truly acknowledge what this means, be it for an instant in time, you would fall to your knees in appreciation. My friend, you are your brother and sister’s salvation and they are your salvation. For within our memory lies the truth of who we are. This memory is available to us for recollection any time we want, and can occur with everyone and everything we see. If you have not yet found this piece, you soon will. Yes, my friend, the day is coming when you will accomplish what it is you believe you need to accomplish. When you do, you will look back and understand the importance of every piece of the puzzle.

You need not wait until the end of your journey to enjoy and be thankful for every experience during the journey. Equally so, you need not wait for your accomplishment to appreciate all the pieces of the puzzle. You need simply remember that in order to complete the puzzle, all pieces were of use. In this simple memory and understanding lies your appreciation of not only the puzzle, but of all its pieces. And in the acceptance of the necessity and usefulness of its pieces lies your peace about the pieces you have already put together and the pieces you will deal with in the future. And of equal importance, you will be at peace with, and have appreciation for, all the pieces you currently are working on.

The ego’s world will try to tell you that you’re wasting your time, and that you could be doing something else, something the ego perceives to be more important or productive. You might hear all this and more. You might even begin to buy into what it says. I’m not here to tell you that the world is wrong and you are right, or that the world is right and you are wrong. What I’m here to do is to simply remind you that whatever you choose to do in the end, be at peace with your decision. Not because you are doing the right or wrong thing, but because you are completing the puzzle in the best way you currently know how.

My friend, regardless of what the world tells you, or how you perceive your current situation, I offer you this: the road you have taken is the road that you needed to take. You are exactly where you need to be. Do whatever offers you peace now. Make peace with your past, for without it you would not be at this point in your life. The pieces you have chosen to put together are complete. You might not yet know how they fit into the puzzle, but friend, they do and will fit. You are now working on the pieces you believe you need to work on to get you to the next step. Be at peace with the knowledge that they too will fit. You have the choice to be at peace with this knowledge or to judge, criticize and be disappointed with your current decisions and situation. Those are the only two choices you truly have. They are, simply put, the choice between sanity and insanity.

The ego’s world, in and of itself, is an insane world, which is the main reason it applauds us for making the insane choice. And so, over and over, we make the insane choice and judge, criticize and feel disappointed with ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and the world. My friend, once we can acknowledge that insanity is but a choice, we find its power over us diminishing. Then, one day, instead of acting insanely, we act with sanity and gratitude, for we understand that one more piece of the puzzle is now in place.

You may have chosen to judge the past, and blame yourself and many others for where you are today. That is fine. Do that if you choose to, but at least for sanity’s sake, ask yourself what this behavior has and is truly offering you? Where has this behavior taken you? At the very least, ask yourself if you are at peace with how you feel about this way of thinking.

My friend, we cannot carry the past with us without feeling weighed down by it. We might not understand that what we are currently feeling is being weighed down. We might define it as being tired, stressed, depressed, but in the end, it is our choice to carry the judgments of the past with us that have made us feel this way. It may be our tendency to believe that some pieces of our past were never meant to fit, and will never fit into our puzzle, which frustrates us. Many of us may not yet understand that these pieces will fit, and that with their contribution we come closer to the puzzle’s completion. Yet again, I mention that we do not need to wait for the puzzle’s completion in order to be at peace and to be grateful for every one of its pieces now.

You will one day find peace and gratitude in the puzzle’s completion. You will one day acknowledge all the pieces for their contribution to the whole. And you will one day give thanks to each of the pieces for their participation. You will look back at those pieces you judged and criticized, and apologize for your interpretation of their value. You will look back, forgive and set free all the pieces you once convicted as guilty. You will kneel down in front of those you punished and sentenced to life without you, and you will ask for their forgiveness. They will in turn kneel in front of you, and ask for yours, and with one embrace all will be forgiven.

When insanity turns to sanity, all judgments will turn into forgiveness, all difficulties into gratitude, all pain into peace, all sadness into joy, and all hate into love. All this comes from the simple recognition that every moment, piece and step of our journey assisted us in getting where we wanted to go. Love and gratitude can be offered now for whatever pieces we are working on. If they are offered now, we find peace now; if they are offered later, we will find peace later. But my friend, we will some day offer love and gratitude, for they are who we are – and it is only who we are – that we can offer others.

3. Sanaya Roman, Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, Copyright 2000 (H.J. Kramer).

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Comments (2)

I really don’t understand. I don’t like where my life is at all. I’m 44 years old and it’s worse now than ever. Those are just facts, not insanity. I started on this path to TRUE TRUTH, as I refer to it, and sure I have had some awesome blessed days. But, it’s seldom, I keep trying, I really really do, and I’m not whining. I’m just really really tired. I don’t have much left in me nor the will to keep up much longer. Words and nice phrases and encouragement are great, I do it and spread it all the time. But just go out into the real world and “bang!!!!” all that goes right out the window. I’m sorry for hurting and being negative, but I’m ready, really really ready to go home.

Hold strong, one of the reasons I think we exist in this reality, is self-expression. We chose to come here and experience things like pain and fear. Everyone processes this reality differently as an individual. Reading your comment really choked me up. Mainly because I feel the same way. Sooo tired of barely hanging on. But now I live in the moment, and really be there, absorb it all. For you only have one shot as the beautiful individual you are. So love yourself,and be a generally good person. This may sound weird but if you eat a lot of red meat, cutback. And if you haven’t already start a garden and grow your own veggies. Government regulated food, is full of chems and preservatives that can make you feel physical fatigue, witch in turn makes one depressed. Srry for rambling, but I care about you, for we are connected you and I. Just remember we are all just on a ride, for the experience. Everything is A OK.

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