Are People Born Gay Or Is It A Choice?

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

I have heard discussions on whether or not people who are gay are born gay or whether or not they made a choice to be gay. Some people from religious backgrounds insist that being gay is a choice, while most gays take the position that it is not a choice – they are simply born this way. I will offer you another explanation that, if viewed from a place of love, makes both parties right.

A soul is wise. It is well aware of itself; it understands where it comes from (God) and it understands the energy that created it (God’s Love). It comes to Earth in order to express this truth into and throughout the physical plane. It chooses the environment and circumstances that will best assist it in awakening the memory of this truth, not only to itself but also to all around it, especially those in its soul group. Its soul group can be anyone it comes into contact with, from family members, to friends, to peers.

A soul is not some empty energy source that is desperately waiting to incarnate in order to fill itself up with whatever scraps its human experience provides. A soul is already naturally filled and fulfilled by its truth; the love it represents. Before coming into the physical world, it along with its guides develops a scenario that will best assist it in bringing this memory into its physical existence. If being gay is what will best serve it and those around it to reawaken the memory of love, then that is what the soul will choose as a manifestation of its physical self. If being gay is what will best serve this purpose, then the soul will be sure to choose a body that will genetically assist it in moving in this direction. Being gay provides many challenges as well as many opportunities for all those involved to look past the fairy tale that the ego’s world tries to sell us about gays, and into the love that they, in truth, embody.

Remember our discussion regarding bringing up blocks to the awareness of love’s presence so that they can be looked at, understood and dismantled? Remember the gratitude we mentioned you would experience once these blocks were dismantled? Remember how gratitude could be your only sane response to any and every individual who assisted you in dismantling your personal blocks to the awareness of love’s presence? If you see a gay brother or sister with anything other than love, then understand that you are blocking yourself from experiencing love in the present moment. When it comes to your perception of gays, if you are choosing separation, judgment, fear or any other “negative” emotion and expression instead of love, then understand that you are choosing such blocks, and you are ultimately responsible for dismantling them. But do not despair for you are not alone, your gay brother or sister is here for you, to assist you in the dismantling process.

So is being born gay a choice? Let’s take a quick walk through the process. First, a soul chooses to be gay because this specific manifestation will bring forth whatever blocks it, along with its soul group, have to the presence of love. Second, the soul chooses the physical body that has the genetic capacity of carrying out such a choice. Third, the soul is born into this body, thus the belief that gays are born gay, is a true statement. Finally the soul either chooses to express its natural self, that of being gay, or that of staying in the closet, so to speak. There is no judgment if a soul chooses to come out or not. The soul’s natural state is the state of peace, thus the soul is free to do whatever it believes offers it peace. If it believes that staying in the closet is what will offer it peace, then it is free to do so. If it believes that coming out is what will bring it peace, then it is free to do so as well. Thus both parties who believe gays are born this way and those who believe being gay is a choice are correct in their assumptions. So, as a good man once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

My brother and sister, God does not make mistakes. Being gay is as much a gift to this planet and the people on it as being straight. Let go of all the judgments and fearful behaviors that the ego insists that you use to separate yourself from your brother and sister, for what has such behavior truly offered? Express yourself in the way that offers you peace; nothing more is asked of you in order to experience peace in every moment. Offer love to your brother and sister and you will feel this love flowing through you and throughout your day.

My friend, when your children leave your house for school, do you not make sure that they have everything they need? Do you not think that God is as wise? Do you not think that God makes sure you have everything you need before you leave His house? My brother and sister, you have chosen to leave your true home for a while. Trust that you have everything you need, and remember, play nice with the other kids in school.

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Thank you so much for your perspective on this topic. I was discussing this very thing with someone not to long ago. Your words have confirmed for me my thoughts on this topic. Thank you so much!

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