Invitation #11 – A Physical Experience Of How “The Light” Feels

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

Imagine yourself in Tucson, Arizona in August. The temperature is in the 100’s, a dry heat with not a cloud in the sky. Indoors, you have just completed an incredible workout; you lifted weights, did cardiovascular exercise and stretched your muscles. You go outside and head for the pool. You lie outside the pool for 20 minutes on your stomach and 20 minutes on your back. You let the sun beat down on your skin as the sweat begins to flow from your pores. After 40 minutes, you get up and head for the pool.

The pool is heated to a very comfortable 90 degrees. You walk very slowly and deliberately into the pool and you feel your body leisurely merging with the water. Close your eyes. As you do this, you slowly feel the change in every inch of your body. You head deeper into the pool and as you do, the pool begins to refresh every inch of your once hot, sweaty and tired body. Your skin merges with the water and it becomes more difficult for you to tell where your skin ends and the water begins. You move toward the shaded area of the pool. You stretch out your arms as you go deeper and deeper into the pool. You tilt your head back, letting the water cover your ears. All becomes quiet. Only your eyes, nose and mouth are now above the surface. You are now in another world. You start taking slow, deep breaths; you begin to quiet the body and the mind. Your skin and the water completely end their separateness and begin to merge. Your skin is no longer your boundary, for now you simply extend into the water. You now become the water, and at the same time you know that you are still you. It’s as if every one of your skin’s cells have grown roots, and these roots have grown and expanded into the water until you are no longer able to see or feel them. But you know they are now connected to all and that they, in turn, connect you to all. And as you are now connected to all, you become part of that whole and that whole is somehow you. You are now boundless and yet at the same time, the individual who is you still very much exists.

Keep your eyes closed and offer a prayer of gratitude for your life. Imagine a ball of light and love growing from your center as you continue to thank God and the universe. As you continue to be grateful, this ball of light and love begins to expand until it fills your entire being. Let these feelings and emotions overflow and extend themselves through every cell of your body. Like waves, let them continue to flow from within you out to God, to the universe, to everyone and all. Do this for around five minutes. Then allow the same love that you expressed and expanded to the universe to be returned. Feel the waves of light and love being sent to you. Allow yourself to absorb them. Feel God, the universe and all light, love and support being offered. Feel yourself allowing it to be received. Receive for the next five minutes or so. Continue until the giving and receiving become one. Now that you’ve dismantled your personal barriers between giving and receiving, you can understand that as you give – you receive, and that they are indeed one. Continue to send gratitude and love, and allow yourself to continue to receive this wonderful energy as long as you wish.

My friend, this is the closest I can come to offering you what “the light” feels like. Again, if you wish, drop all thoughts of fear, and before going to bed ask to experience this light sometime during the night. Ask my friend, the universe waits for you to ask.

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