Judgment: An Eye For An Eye

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

As I said before, a soul is never judged by anyone other than itself. It reviews its life; it sees how it treated people, and how it made them feel. The interesting part is that, the soul can now actually feel what the other person felt as it dealt with him or her. If it made a person laugh, it will feel this person’s joy; if it made a person angry or sad, it will feel the person’s frustration and pain. This is what the Bible refers to as “an eye for an eye.” It is this and nothing else. The soul will experience how it made others feel. It will experience what it was like to be in the other person’s shoes at that moment when the interaction occurred. If it caused someone pain, it will experience pain. Equally so, if it was kind to someone, it will experience gratitude. If it said a kind word, it will feel the appreciation. Even if it felt that person offered no appreciation, it will become aware of exactly how the soul made the person feel. This exercise will allow the soul to more fully understand how its actions and reactions affect those with whom it interacted. Later on, the soul will get together with its peers to review its actions and get their perspectives. It will also meet later on with higher-level guides to review its experiences. It is important to note that none of these reviews occur in order to judge the soul. Judgment is never reported as an emotion someone felt during this process. These reviews are done in order to visit all possible perspectives, angles and reasons for the soul’s actions and reactions.

An eye for an eye is in no way an excuse for revenge. It is in no way a call to strike back at a brother or sister. It in no way is offering permission to attack a brother or sister for what you believe he or she did to you. An eye for an eye simply states that your brother or sister will experience how he or she made you feel. This is not done as revenge or as a punishment, but as a learning device to assist developing souls in more fully understanding the consequences of their actions. Thus in the end, you will experience the full extent of any actions you took in order to punish or take revenge on your brothers and sisters. Once you do so, you will clearly see and experience the futility of such actions. And in the end, you will not curse God, or your guide, or your brothers or sisters for experiencing this review, but you will thank all involved for your new understanding and their participation in the lesson plan.

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