Relationships Continue

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

An excerpt from You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

A relationship does not need to end with the physical departure of a loved one. The relationship can consciously continue even after death. The relationship will continue and peace can be found. The relationship is as eternal as your soul; it is simply your free will to decide how conscious you choose to be during its development. If you truly desire peace with a loved one who has passed away, then you will achieve peace. Only the barriers you believe exist can stop you from achieving a peaceful state in any relationship, with any person, dead or alive. My friend, if you hold pain, anger, regret or sadness in any form toward someone who has passed on, will you allow yourself to be open to the possibility that you can also achieve the opposite? Love is eternal and it is eternally available. Forgiveness is eternal and it is eternally available. If your pain, anger, regret or sadness has survived even your brother or sister’s death, will you not allow yourself the possibility of believing that love and forgiveness can also survive? The ego might have convinced you that in this world such a deed would be impossible to accomplish. I will remind your heart, and your heart will remember, that there is nothing easier or more rewarding. There is nothing more fulfilling, and there is nothing more beautiful and liberating.

At the end of this section, I suggest an invitation that will offer you the possibility of peace. It will be as easy to attain as your honest intention to attain it. My friend, angels and guides are at your beck and call, and you simply need to invite them to assist you. They will, with honor and pleasure, heed your call. You might have previously believed that obtaining peace with a brother or sister who has passed on is impossible. I will offer you the opposite of what has brought you pain, anger, regret and sadness. You have allowed pain, anger, regret and sadness to exist even after death. Will you not, for a moment, open your mind and allow the possibility that love and forgiveness can replace such emotions even after death? Offer your brother one honest moment of forgiveness and in return you will obtain an eternity of freedom, peace of mind and joy.

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I strongly believe that relationships continue after death, too. I often feel my father’s presence in my life. And thankfully, the relationship is very positive, as opposed to when he was in his body and it was often difficult.

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