The Tunnel

Chapter 12: At Peace With The Afterlife

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros. 

Many people have the idea that once our spirit leaves the body, it enters a tunnel and simply moves in the direction of the light. In fact, it doesn’t so much as move toward the light as much as it’s pulled toward the light. Even though it is being pulled, as always, it has a choice of either allowing itself to be pulled in, which is the natural sensation, or stopping the pulling and staying between dimensions. The pulling sensation can be similar to that of being on the surface of a smooth flowing river and being pulled downstream toward the ocean. As the spirit is being pulled toward the light, it gets brighter and wider. But this light does not hurt its eyes, simply because it does not use physical eyes.

Some souls, especially those that left without warning, might become a little upset that they left their families behind. If this is the case, their guides will show them their families’ future in order to calm them down and allow them to move forward. People who die suddenly can arrive with the frustration of being taken before having resolved certain issues. In such cases, their guides will also meet them in order to help them remember not only why they chose such an exit but to also show them that their families will be okay. The bottom line is that there are no accidents. A soul with its guide’s assistance chooses when, where and how it will exit Earth. This is what’s best for the development of the transitioning soul, and will allow for the most growth possible for those left behind. Therefore, in actuality, the soul’s transitioning is literally a gift, not only to itself, but also to all those left behind. Once in the light, the first person the soul meets is its guide. There is also the possibility that it will be a soul mate, best friend or close family member. It will be someone with whom the soul is very familiar, someone who will be best able to assist it in this part of the transition. The closest person to the soul spiritually will usually meet it first, then the second closest, and so on. Something interesting to note here is that even if its “soul mate” of many lifetimes is its closest peer on the spiritual side and if this soul mate is still alive on Earth, he or she could still be the first to meet the soul. This is possible because it is extremely rare that a soul brings one hundred percent of its soul or energy to a specific incarnation. Thus, a certain percentage of its soul mate’s energy will be “left behind.” Regardless of how much it is, that energy will be more than capable of greeting the soul as it returns home.

Although this may seem like a trip into the unknown, there is really no fear involved. The transitioning soul might be a little confused, especially if it left quickly, but fear is not an issue at all. Soon after, it begins encountering a lot of other souls that were close to it. It will usually meet them in order of closeness. The soul it has cared and shared with most throughout its lives will meet it first, and so on in descending order. This “welcoming party” is arranged in order to make the transition more comfortable.

Once a soul is more developed, and has gone through the transition enough times, the soul needs less and less hand-holding or comforting. It simply becomes an unnecessary part of the journey. The advanced soul will simply bypass this stage, leave the hellos, kisses and hugs for later, and go on to its destination.

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