Taking Right Action In These Turbulent Times

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During these seemingly turbulent times, what do you think is the optimal course of action that a person can take?

Jennifer, Wisconsin, USA

The times are and will be as turbulent as your decision to focus on turbulence. There are also many beautiful awakenings occurring every day, many miracles, much love growing and being expressed in the world. We have been taught by the ego to focus on the turbulence, to focus on the chaos, to make these our headlines, to fill our newscast with such energies. In a world of love there might be a few chaotic stories, yet it will be these stories that the media will choose to focus on. Different media groups will even fight each other to find and report on every possible angle imaginable. We look at these outlets as some sort of wise, intelligent truth tellers. We think – this is what these well informed people are reporting, thus this is what must be important and real.

My friend, I see such incredible beauty being manifested and expressed every day that if you but turned to this channel, you would swear you were in Heaven. My friend, the choice to focus on Heaven or Hell is yours. What some might see as turbulent, stress-filled times, I see as a speck of dirt on a perfectly clean windshield. If you choose to focus on the speck of dirt, you will lose track of the road. My friend, there are no obstacles on this road, yet if you focus on this speck of dust you can still crash.

What do you think is the optimal course of action that a person can take? Well, each individual must look within and answer that for himself or herself. There are no wrong answers. But I will offer that every time you choose to judge your brother, every time you choose not to forgive your brother, every time you see yourself as separate from any brother, you are focusing on this speck of dirt. Do what brings you peace and you will wake up to a more peaceful world. Do what ever offers hope and you will encounter a more hopeful world. Do whatever brings you joy and the same world that you once cried in, you will now smile and dance in.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
    • Gaining perspective on seemingly turbulent times.


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