The Meaning Behind “You Have Chosen To Remember”

Ask the Author: Question & Response

“You Have Chosen to Remember” is a very interesting title. Can you explain the meaning behind this powerful statement?

– Jennifer, Wisconsin, USA

To remember means that you knew before. A memory can be hidden for a long time, but this does not imply that it is not within you now. You might, at the present moment, have no recollection of it, yet it lies there, somewhere within your heart and mind, in patient wait for you to awaken to it. If you focus on joy, memories of joy might be brought to the surface. If you choose to focus on your trueself, or as I choose to call it – your Godself, then memories of your Godself will also be brought to the surface. It is what you focus on, in each moment, that you will experience.

All knowledge resides within you. I am not close to being the first person who has said this. Somewhere within your heart, you feel this statement to be true. You feel you know more than you are currently expressing. It is in going within and moving toward those paths that offer you peace of mind, love and joy where you will remember your Godself. It is important not to be pressured into a path simply because others say it is the “correct” or “popular” way to grow. Within your heart, there lies a memory of your Godself. It is this memory you search for, and it is this memory you will remember. Once this memory is recalled, you will find a place that you have never left.

Rejoice, for there is nothing more for you to learn. There is nothing more for you to learn because all wisdom already resides within you. The goal of my books is simply to assist you in remembering your true nature. Any time you are not at peace is because you have forgotten your true nature. The books “You Have Chosen to Remember Book 1: A Journey from Perception to Self Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy” and “You Have Chosen to Remember Book 2: Insight Into Overcoming Real World Challenges will assist you in remembering what you may have forgotten. Yet even in forgetting there is good news, and it is this: you must have known before to have forgotten. In fact, once you begin to remember you will smile for you will suddenly recall that: “Yes, I feel as if I have always known this,” “this is familiar to me,” “I am at peace with this information.” It will feel right, and you will be at peace, for truth brings about a peaceful state. My friend, all truth lies within you. You might have temporarily forgotten this, but you have now chosen to remember.


This Q&A Includes The Following Topics:
  • Definition of “You Have Chosen to Remember.”
  • Remembering our Godselves.


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