Forgiving An Adolescent Child & General Forgiveness Strategies

Topics Include:
  • Forgiving child of partner.
  • Strategies for resolving conflict with partner’s child(ren).
  • General forgiveness strategies.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

My partner’s adolescent child has been very disrespectful from the beginning of this relationship. She has done everything to break us up – even to the last event of physically assaulting me. I have forgiven and been very patient up to this point but am struggling to forgive this, as well as the father who does not take charge of the situation. Just when I think that I have forgiven and let it go, my anger surfaces to my partner and then I know I still have not forgiven.

– Dawn D.

My friend, imagine if you will, a perfect diamond being raised in a house of broken mirrors. Somewhere deep inside, this diamond knows that it is beautiful and that it is deserving of respect and love. Yet over and over, she hears her parents arguing and being disrespectful to one another, and every time this occurs, another broken mirror is held in front of this child’s face. This occurs so often that she begins to forget the truth within her and accept the images that are shown to her as truth…


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