Forgiving Someone Who Has Passed Away

Topics Include:
  • Forgiving someone who has passed away.
  • Making peace with a loved one who has passed away.
  • Meditation / Guided Visualization: Forgiving and obtaining peace with someone who has passed away.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

I have a seven year old son with a man who passed away two years ago. While we were together he was extremely abusive, not as much physically as emotionally, and to try to move on – I had to turn myself off inside. I found a lot of things out after he passed away that made me feel angry and hurt. It has been two years and I am having a hard time getting my life back. How do you forgive someone who isn’t there, and how do you get yourself back? Also, thank you for recommending the other books.

– Heidi, Massachusetts, USA

My friend, even when your child’s physical body is not around you, isn’t your child still with you on some level? While at work, doesn’t the slightest thought of him bring him immediately back into your heart and mind? Does your child not make you smile or laugh, even when he’s not with you? Can’t just a momentary thought of him completely brighten and bring comfort to even your darkest and longest nights? Doesn’t just a slight reflection on something he said or did in the past lighten even your heaviest days? Doesn’t the memory of a special hug embrace you, even years after the act?

My friend, a relationship does not end with the physical departure of the person. Relationships never end. They simply change forms. You ask, “How do you forgive someone who isn’t there?” You have not seen this man in two years, yet is he not still with you? And if he is still with you, doesn’t the possibility for forgiveness still also exist? And if the possibility for forgiveness exists where you once believed it did not, doesn’t this make it an opportunity? Isn’t this opportunity to forgive and move forward, in and of itself, a gift to you and your son? For wouldn’t your son be grateful that his mother can now have the ability to get her life back? And, if this man is available for you to forgive him, wouldn’t his final act turn from one of emotional abuse to one of emotional freedom?


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