Giving To Those Who Abuse & Take Advantage

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  • Giving to people who abuse or take advantage of you.

Ask the Author: Question & Response

I am constantly giving to people who are lonely, afraid, mean, worse off financially and need help. But for years, I have experienced the ones I give money to break in and steal more; and the one’s I help with loneliness (bring them to events, introduce them to others) then take advantage and wear me out. You wrote when “you experience loneliness, give to someone lonely. Give love when you are not experiencing it.” If I am truly giving and giving, isn’t there something that I am doing wrong for this to be happening so often?

When you are kind to someone who is mean and then they become violent and then they harass and stalk you and you give more kindness and they become dangerous (think Amber Frey and Scott Peterson), how can I keep helping these souls that cry and need love so much without physically getting hurt? Turning away and ignoring their calls, even as I pray for them, seems so cruel to ignore. Constantly, I pray and thank God for the gift that He has sent. I acknowledge that there is a lesson. I know God does not tell us to unlock our doors and let others in to harm us. But when they are so desperately needing help and they keep calling and calling, begging for a friendship, then as soon as you try again, it becomes physically dangerous. It does seem that I must be dong something wrong. 

– Sara, Florida, USA

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