Strategies For Overcoming Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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  • Strategies for Overcoming Anxiety / Panic Attacks.

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I have been suffering with debilitating panic attacks for 2 years. Crazy medication and a life running downhill. I am out of work and absolutely desperate for a higher understanding and release from this terrible affliction. In gratitude. 

– Juliet, Guildford, England

Giving Up Attack Thoughts

Every thought you have makes up a segment of the world you see. Thus, it is your thoughts that we will focus on. As your thoughts change, your perception of the world also changes. The cause of your suffering is your thoughts about the world, not the world itself. There must come a time when you realize that you do not want the thoughts that you are currently supporting. The world you see (the effect) is not going to significantly change by itself, because it’s simply a result of your thoughts (the cause). When you decide to change the cause, you will immediately change the effect. When you change your thoughts about the world, it is then that your world will change.

You see this world that you have made, but you may not see yourself as its image maker. When your external reality reflects thoughts like judgment, desperation, anxiety, stress, anger, and any other negative emotion, this is simply a picture of the attack thoughts you are allowing as real within your mind. They are not real. All fear based attack thoughts are illusions, but through free will you can give them a reality. Fear based attack thoughts have been learned. They have been programmed into you. They are a fantasy, a fairy tale taught to you long ago whose reality you have been following. My friend, rejoice, for you are not trapped in the world you see because the cause can be changed.

What God creates as perfect cannot be changed by your own mind, and within this truth lies your escape from the anxiety that has been challenging you. You have taught yourself to believe that you are not what you truly are. You, who God created as perfect, cannot change what He created, but you do have free will. Thus this gift can be masked by illusions you have been taught to trust as more real than truth. Peace of mind, love and joy are your inheritance, your true essence, the unchangeable in you, but you must acknowledge and accept them to make use of them and to experience their results.


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