You Have Chosen to Remember: E-BOOK (English or Spanish)

You Have Chosen to Remember: E-BOOK (English or Spanish)

Inspiring self-help book which fosters inner peace, joy, living in the present moment, forgiveness, transforming negative thinking, feeling love and God’s presence, and embodying our divine selves.

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You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros

The awareness, peace of mind and joy that you are yearning for is available to you now. Anything real that has been obtained by religious leaders or spiritual gurus is also obtainable to you. In fact, awareness, peace of mind and joy are not so much obtained as they are realized and remembered.

Love, harmony and awareness are natural qualities of your soul. If you simply extend what you truly are, you will create more beauty than anything that could or has ever been built.

There are many paths you may choose to take in order to realize awareness, peace of mind and joy in your life. The journey will be as complicated as you choose to make it, or as easy as you allow it to be. This book provides simple strategies to make this process easy.

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy is an incredibly inspiring book filled with simple, yet very effective, strategies for remembering your true self, and embodying self-awareness, forgiveness, peace of mind and joy - in your day to day life.

You Have Chosen to Remember is available in paperback, ebook and audio book formats. The links on this page are for the E-Books.

¿Hablas español? Este libro You Have Chosen to Remember está disponible en español: Has Elegido Recordar: Un Viaje de Autoconciencia, Paz de Espíritu y Alegría.

48 reviews for You Have Chosen to Remember: E-BOOK (English or Spanish)

Jackie Meudt

Inspiring and Encouraging Ways to Remembering Who We Really Are

Enjoyed reading this book. James Invitations with step by step ways to remember and open minded suggestions were enlightening. Would highly recommend.

C. Conley

Inspirational work from a truly inspired human being!

Not just words here–this book is much more than words can convey. Cisneros is truly tuned in to the Truth that lives in all of us.

Richard J. Estep

Great spiritual food for thought

This is a book that I not only enjoyed immensely, but one that demands to be re-read at least once. James Blanchard Cisneros has an engaging writing style that kept me interested all the way through to the end of the book. “You Have Been Chose to Remember” is sure to be somewhat controversial, particularly if the reader does not share the author’s Christian beliefs, as I do not; Cisneros’s recommendation of picturing fellow drivers on the road as being Jesus certainly won’t resonate with everybody, nor his claimed interactions with saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary. While this wasn’t my thing, I still found a lot of spiritual content in the book that made me stop, think, and ponder. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the book was its focus on the illusory nature of what we perceive to be reality, and the techniques the author offers for dispelling that illusion. This is really a manifesto calling the reader to a more enlightened and compassionate way of living, and as such almost anybody can find value within it, if they approach the book with an open mind and an inquiring nature. Recommended.




Loved it!


Amazing book!

This book was amazing! It is , in itself, a remembrance and a confirmation of what you already know–that as a human, we are all one–learning the same lessons through different lives and experiences. It was so satisfying to read all this… From the very start to the very end! Enjoy!

Don Albers

l would still like to have the book mailed too…

I never got the book, when I bought from you, l got the ebook, l wanted the real book, l would still like to have the book mailed to me.


Read the whole book !!!

Amazon Customer

Love Love this book.

It’s exactly the way I believe! Read it!

Sandra Mathews

Love this book.

Amazon Customer

Helpful on my journey

Cheryl W

Enjoyed it…

JC Dodson


Charlie B. Cunningham

Excellent reading…just what I needed to hear.


A must read

Excellent book for anyone’s Journey

Donna M Cooper


Excellent and easy to understand information. Well written.

J Soul

God is within us

A good read that reminds us that things do happen for a reason and that God is within us. It’s a great read for one who is just starting to realize or wonder why certain things happen and to trust God, for he is always taking care of his children.

Sabrina Momsen

Can be life changing

Can be life changing

Debra A Mcneill

It’s a good read. I can’t say I agree with everything …

It’s a good read. I can’t say I agree with everything in the book, but there are a lot of good things one could put into practice in their lives without having to have the beliefs the author does. Was worth the read

Michelle Sape

You Have Chosen To Remember, By James Blanchard Cisneros

I have read many similar metaphysical books and this one is turning out to be one of my favorites :).

Valerie Stevens

Interesting I would recommend reading this book

Thought provoking, interesting I would recommend reading this book!!

Amazon Customer

The points discussed are very valid.

The only down side is that the author repeats everything, over and over again.


Very Interesting..

Fascinating read, I enjoyed it from start to finish!!!


Very good book and interesting thanks


Movingly soulful

Beautiful, truthful writing. I read from this every day. Movingly soulful, a true blessing.

Dale Chambers

…and truly searching for the answers to living a happier more connected to source/god/goddess/universe life

A must read for anyone open and truly searching for the answers to living a happier more connected to source/god/goddess/universe life.


HIGHLY recommend

EXCELLENT read. Inspiring and makes you think. .



It gives you a whole perspective on thought processing . Easy read and very much enjoyable . Would recommend everyone to read.

Mom in IN

This book is a MUST READ for DEEP THINKERS

Not too many books you read as slowly as you read this one. Deep thought and perception are only part of it, and the reader must ruminate, not gobble it down like french fries, but slowly look at the insights shared to see the depth of the meaning. I’ll probably read it several times, just to make sure my perception and the wealth of it is not missed. It is NOT a fast read, like a quick mystery, but something you feel deep inside.

Laura Patterson

Best Book EVER !!!!!!!!

I love this book! It has helped me tremendously. I thank Mr. Cisneros for writing it and I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!


A Must Read

Profound wisdom for your path here on earth – until you return from whence you came. Read, digest and remember.

Vilma Rodney

resonates with truth

This book is beautifully written and everyone who has started a journey of spiritual awareness would benefit from reading it. There are 2 points that made the reading uncomfortable for me at times. First the use of the word God. I understand it is difficult to find a suitable word that resonates with everyone. For me personally, being raised Catholic, I can’t get rid of the image of an old man sitting on a throne in the sky, when the word God is mentioned. I would have preferred Higher Power, Universe or anything else. It’s about time we came up with a new word to express this concept.
Secondly, I feel he treated the issue of mental illness far too superficially. It is a seriously deep and complex issue that deserves more than the few paragraphs James allotted to it. In fact, I’m sure a whole book could be dedicated to the subject of mental illness and spirituality. I wish someone would write it because it would help many.
I took my time reading it, taking in small sections at a time and after each reading I felt inspired and at peace. The trick is maintaining the feelings of peace and inspiration now that I have finished the book. This is an issue with any book on similar subjects.

Judith Picchetti

You have chosen to remember.

I would highly recommend this book to all seekers and lovers of truth. James comes from a very open minded viewpoint and “is in love with love”. During the first chapters I feel the book is somewhat of a synopsis of “A Course of Miracles”. I love his invitation through the pages to know our true self and that our very essence is love. I also love how he shares his personal stories and experiences and the quotes from other writers and philosophers like Kahil Gabran. This is an amazing book!


Incredible Book

This book is very well written and very easy to read. If you are embarking on your own personal spirtual journey, this is a great book to start off with!

Deborah Friend

You have chosen…

In this book I found all my soul has been teaching me during my life. Dogma does not soothe. Listen to our intuition, A very good book to either confirm or teach. Gently providing wisdom, guiding you on your own personal walk. The author makes you feel you have sat down with him for a cup of coffee, to just talk.

M. J. Reinfeldt


Helped awaken my memory of things that I had only gotten glimpses before. All the bits and pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit.

Kindle Customer

Great Book

This is the kind of book you read when things aren’t going right in your life and you need something that can uplift you and put you in a more positive frame of mind. Mr Cisneros is that reassuring voice; in this world full of negativity and fear, that helps you find the peace of mind that is deep within all of us. One of the most uplifting books i’ve ever read.

Scott Mielke

This is a very good book!

This is one of those books that you can re-read and get something different from it each time. These are reminders of truth that help you choose to remember who you really are .

Karen Cummings-Lilly

Great book

The book can seem simplistic but offers a gateway in how our perceptions of the world color our experiences and how to begin to change those. Good entry level book for spiritual growth.


Good for Daily affirmations and the like

This book is crammed with feel-good affirmations, ideas, inspiring thoughts aimed particularly at the reader who is just opening up their mind to concepts of oneness and mindfulness. It could use some editing, for it is repetitive and uneccessarily wordy in parts which leaves the reader sorting through the excess to find the main idea but it was written with such heartfelt desire to help others that I was able to look past that.

A. Express


this book was great to read and its an insight and knowledge of choices and changes we make in life

Anne L. Smith

Chosen to Remember Makes A Course in Materials Concept Accessible in Everyday Life

I highly recommend “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy”. James Blanchard Cisneros distills the core concept of “A Course in Miracles” into nice bite-sized chunks that are easy to understand. Written with compassion and understanding, this book teaches us that there is nothing outside of love. We have only to forgive ourselves and others for our collaborative illusion of an imperfect existence. When we can acknowledge our shared brotherhood/sisterhood in divine perfection, we can see the world change around us. A powerful message, lovingly written and presented.


A spiritual hug in times of uncertainty.

I have a hard copy of this book and I reach for it when for some reason I need to regain balance, especially if it’s something related to relationships with people around me and myself. To me this book is a gentle reminder to look at the world with more kindness and I believe it has power to bring warmth into ones heart. Its the kind of book you might want to read several times and take breaks to think between the paragraphs, as it is very rich. I am grateful this lovely piece of knowledge found its way into my life.

Grace Morales

Awesome Book

Please…please. ..please read this book. Mr. Cisneros conveys our “truth” beautifully and with such eloquence. I have had this book in the To Read pile for a while….guess I as wasn’t ready. I have purchased a kindle version for me and 4 other copies which I’ve gifted to friends!

C 21 Realtor

Good Read

This was an easy read and very helpful in daily life. I would recommend it to anyone who in interested in improving day to day living circumstances.

Tricia JOY

Great Read!

I feel this journey is one that EVERYONE should undertake. As a newly divorced woman I felt real benefits by reading this book.. Thanks!!!

Marilyn Hoffmann

Hits all the right points.

Very nice! I have recommended this book to my family and friends. They all seem to have the same opinion. They love it. Thank you.


You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception

I have purchased this book for my Kindle. I have only a few precious mmoments during the day to be able to sit and enjoy life and I prefer it spent with this book. It is mind blowing and uplifting. Totally love it and would recommended it to anyone who is searching within themselves and even a reminder for those who have found themselves. Thank you, Rose

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