You Have Chosen to Remember – PAPERBACK BOOK (English)

You Have Chosen to Remember – PAPERBACK BOOK (English)


Inspiring self-help book which fosters inner peace, joy, living in the present moment, forgiveness, transforming negative thinking, feeling love and God’s presence, and embodying our divine selves.

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You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy by James Blanchard Cisneros

The awareness, peace of mind and joy that you are yearning for is available to you now. Anything real that has been obtained by religious leaders or spiritual gurus is also obtainable to you. In fact, awareness, peace of mind and joy are not so much obtained as they are realized and remembered.

Love, harmony and awareness are natural qualities of your soul. If you simply extend what you truly are, you will create more beauty than anything that could or has ever been built.

There are many paths you may choose to take in order to realize awareness, peace of mind and joy in your life. The journey will be as complicated as you choose to make it, or as easy as you allow it to be. This book provides simple strategies to make this process easy.

You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy is an incredibly inspiring book filled with simple, yet very effective, strategies for remembering your true self, and embodying self-awareness, forgiveness, peace of mind and joy - in your day to day life.

You Have Chosen to Remember is available in paperback, ebook and audio book formats. This product is the paperback.

¿Hablas español? Este libro You Have Chosen to Remember está disponible en español: Has Elegido Recordar: Un Viaje de Autoconciencia, Paz de Espíritu y Alegría.

81 reviews for You Have Chosen to Remember – PAPERBACK BOOK (English)


I love this book. I re-read it every year. Every time I read it, I find it very profound and helpful.

Jackie Meudt

Inspiring and Encouraging Ways to Remembering who we really are

Enjoyed reading this book. James Invitations with step by step ways to remember and open minded suggestions were enlightening. Would highly recommend.

C. Conley

Inspirational work from a truly inspired human being!

Not just words here–this book is much more than words can convey. Cisneros is truly tuned in to the Truth that lives in all of us.

Ton Van Haeren

Thank you!



Very good book! Enlightening!

Richard J. EstepTop

Great spiritual food for thought

This is a book that I not only enjoyed immensely, but one that demands to be re-read at least once. James Blanchard Cisneros has an engaging writing style that kept me interested all the way through to the end of the book. “You Have Been Chose to Remember” is sure to be somewhat controversial, particularly if the reader does not share the author’s Christian beliefs, as I do not; Cisneros’s recommendation of picturing fellow drivers on the road as being Jesus certainly won’t resonate with everybody, nor his claimed interactions with saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary. While this wasn’t my thing, I still found a lot of spiritual content in the book that made me stop, think, and ponder. Perhaps my favorite aspect of the book was its focus on the illusory nature of what we perceive to be reality, and the techniques the author offers for dispelling that illusion. This is really a manifesto calling the reader to a more enlightened and compassionate way of living, and as such almost anybody can find value within it, if they approach the book with an open mind and an inquiring nature. Recommended.


Five Stars

Excellent – looking forward to ordering the next book wen it is releases.

Amazon Customer

Amazing … Beautiful

An amazing, beautiful, non-judgemental reminder of who we really are. James Blanchard Cisneros’ loving reminders leak through every page of this book. Read, remember,,,

Amazon Customer

An amazing, beautiful…

An amazing, beautiful, non-judgemental reminder of who we really are. James Blanchard Cisneros’ loving reminders leak through every page of this book. Read, remember,,,

Desirai Schild

Five Stars


Desirai Schild

Five Stars


vanessa ortiz

Five Stars
Great book

Vanessa Ortiz

Five Stars

Great book


Five Stars

Excellent – looking forward to ordering the next book wen it is releases.

Amazon Customer

Five Stars – Great read!

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

Great read!


Five Stars


J. Palmer

Truly One Of My Favorite Go To Books!

This is definitely one of my favorite books! I believe I first learned of the author, James Blanchard Cisneros a couple of years ago through his Youtube videos, in which he will give a short excerpt type narration from his book and then will follow with a very easy going and personal explanation of the excerpt. These always speak to my heart!

In purchasing the book, I found that it closely aligns with “A Course In Miracles” and to me, makes an excellent companion book. That is not to say that the book is specifically about the content in “A Course In Miracles”, but you will find parallel teachings, ie: about ego, love, forgiveness, etc. This book though, unlike “The Course” will go into personal examples, or give a description that is more contemporary in regards to language and experiences, which for me, is like putting things into layman’s terms! It truly has helped me to see the others around me as my siblings in Christ and to look inward and learn about myself. To be able to pull the veil back a bit and get a peek at my true self!!!

I also truly appreciate the explanations given, the “whys” to the little questions I sometimes have, or perhaps didn’t know I have until I’ve read the chapter. Such as when a soul chooses to enter into a baby and the meaning behind miscarriages, lucid dreaming,the experience of what happens when we die, are just a few of the explanations that have been very helpful for me.

If you are on the fence about purchasing this book, might I suggest either checking out the author’s Facebook page “You Have Chosen To Remember” author, or, check out his Youtube videos.

S. Spears

I am a voracious reader and love many books but this is my favorite ever

I am a voracious reader and love many books but this is my favorite ever! Any time I allow troubling thoughts to enter my experience I know I can open the book and read any section to get a gentle and loving attitude adjustment. I have a vision of what the world would be like if everyone understood and practiced the concepts outlined in the book and it would be amazing. My love and thanks to James for this wonderful gift!

Sarah Lambert

This book has a truly indescribable way of connecting with your soul on the deepest of levels. I was captured from Page 1.

I was completely captured from page 1. The style that Cisneros writes astounds me.

When I am reading this book, I feel as though a wise, comforting family member is holding my hand and guiding me through tough times. If you are going through life feeling lost, alone, and afraid, I highly recommend this book. Being an adult is hard, but no matter where you are in life, this book will definitely lift you up out of the dark places you find yourself and provides an enormous sense of comfort when you feel that you have no where else to turn.

What you will get out of this book:

-Tons of personal stories you can relate to so you know you are not alone in your struggles
– Exercises and activities in every chapter that you can implement into your own life so that you can experience peace of mind and joy in any situation, especially the situations that knock you down the hardest
– A deeper understanding of other people in your life, so that you can develop deeper relationships with loved ones and block negative energy from others
– Ways in which you can experience, appreciate and enjoy each and every moment in your life fully and completely
– Eye-opening perspectives into your own body, mind and spirit that you have never previously experienced

I recommend this book to anyone who may feel alone and looking for a guide to help them finally climb out of depression and live a life of peace of mind, love and joy.

This book will change the way you see yourself and the world around you. It is a true companion.

Cathy S. Miller

Five Stars

my sister loved this book

Trixie Geisler

A little disappointed

I love the title of this book. It makes absolute sense as to our journey here on Earth but after that the book just doesn’t make sense at all. It isn’t very well written. It doesn’t go much with the title and what that means.


An incredible book – that touches your soul….

I have read so many similar books over the years – but none have touched me the way this one has. It took me a long time to read as I needed to absorb it as I went. However – the book is so powerful – I’m starting to read it all over again….


Has many good ideas…

Has many good ideas, but nothing new, I was a little disappointed, but overall is okay.


Just like it says !!

Wonderful/helpful/great/perfect — just what i was wanting/needing** — I’m ready for it


Five Stars

Must read for everyone

Rosalie ford

Five Stars

Loved it!

N. Duren

Three Stars

Really not what I was expecting but ok read…I want to be more spiritual, as in God.

Beverley Shelton

Five Stars

Filled with truth and love. It speaks to the heart!

Kelly FR

But has some great points and guidance

Not exactly what I expected, took a while to get into it. But has some great points and guidance.


One of those books that makes you feel good with each page you read

This is one of those books that makes you feel good with each page you read. It truly makes you remember where you came from, and I’m not talking about your earthly parents; I’m talking about Our Father who is in Heaven. Our True Father. We choose our journey. I have Chosen to remember, and I’m so glad I did.

Kindle Customer

This is a great read, I’m learning a lot

This is a great read, I’m learning a lot! Recomend this to anyone who is seeking truth. Fast shipping too!


There is an exercise in this book involving a “stranger” …

There is an exercise in this book involving a “stranger” that has changed the way I look at people I don’t know, especially those I have a neutral or even negative reaction to. One of several examples of how this book helped me wake up from my auto-pilot existence just a little bit more.

S. Torgrimson

Stepping into the unknown can be fearsome yet it’s often …

Stepping into the unknown can be fearsome yet it’s often part of the spiritual journey. With gentle & encouraging words, the author offers guidance & encourages the reader in finding (an individual) path to the Divinity within.

Barbara Bishop

Memories are made of this!

Still reading on this one, but very perceptive. Open mind and open heart.

Teresa Cangemi

Four Stars

Really good book haven’t finished it yet. I feel I’ll get a lot out of it.


Thank you for happy tears in realizing Truth

If bliss could be described in words, this is it. Thank you for happy tears in realizing Truth!

Julianne Adams

Inspiring, Insightful Words

This man, James Blanchard Cisneros, finds words to help others get through the daily struggle we call life. No one walks anothers path, so his words appeal and touch anyone in any situation.


Life Changing

I loved this book! It has taught me so much about the power of forgiveness.I am trying to apply everything I have learned to my every day life.

Caroline Wood

really glad I ordered it

I have had this book for two weeks now. I take it everywhere with me; I mean it’s in my purse and when I get home it’s out of my purse and if I’m downstairs it’s downstairs and when I go upstairs for the evening it comes with me. Needless to say I’m finding this book captivating and liberating and so on the mark! I’m really, really glad I ordered it. I think I must have seen a quote of James Cisneros and liked it so much that I ordered the book.

Suzanne M Novy


This really spoke to me and where I am on my spiritual journey. I go back and read it again, so much to take in and digest. Very informative and easy to understand. A GREAT BOOK and tool for growing and finding your true self and who you are inside your soul.


Excellent Read

This book is what I thought it would be. I am enjoying reading it. The only con is that it is very wordy and I lose interest at times but that is more about me than the author

Amazon Customer Ruthie Godoy

We are ONE, we are One with the Source/GOD

This is an incredible book full of wisdom, full of knowledge well explained.. I feel this book is a chest full of treasures that explains very clearly what it{s being awaken and sleep.
I fully recomend this book, you will experience a life with deep comprenhension of the true reality.

Amazon Customer

life changing words

The truth in thus book is more than uplifting. It’s life changing. It soothes the soul with spiritual balm. A much needed source of strenghth.

lucy were

Life Changing!

I just bought this book and I have to say, I just can’t put it down! Wish to see you on Oprah’s life class! God bless you

Renee Bennett

This Book Has Entered My My Life At The Most Perfect Time

I am a breast cancer warrior, journaling and blogging about my experience; including my fears and loss of my faith, which for me robbed me of my hope, all my tomorrows and what is waiting beyond. Even though I profess to be a christian and believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ ~ somehow in my mind, I have always believed that I existed and had full consciousness before this life us we know it. I have stated many times that I didn’t sign on for this affliction. Hence reading “You Have Chosen To Remember” has given me a new lease on life. Someone said “when you are ready for the answer, a teacher will appear”. Thank you for A Journey from Perception to Knowledge
I rate this five stars because it has added to my cart of tools to be able to complete my journey with a deeper sense of peace. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is feeing “there has to be more”
You can find my journey at: […]


awesome book

So uplifting. Delivers on the promise of its title. I look forward to my daily reminder on facebook. More than once it’s turned my day around.



This is an amazingly uplifting journey into ourselves and every person we walk this earth with! I have read it once and continue to go back to it to reinforce the truth that resonates with my soul. Very well written and I also enjoyed the authors personal stories and experiences that had me laughing out loud at times! Looking forward to more from this author!! God bless you.

maddie blue


This book is the companion I want with me for a long time…it is wise, compassionate, inspiring…I wouldn’t be without it…



Very liberating. A little hard to grasp the first chapter or two, but after that you start to get it. Prepare to be amazed and liberated!


Amazingly simple, and yet, extremely profound

I’ve never found a book that could so eloquently and honestly lay bare the soul. My bookshelves are full to overflowing with books of a Spiritual nature, but this one is by far the most profound. Buy it now, read it today, and it will change your life forever.

Moshe k


this book has helped me on my journey SO MUCH!!! it has helped me let go of jealousy, resentments and all negativity!! he has a way of writing that speaks to my essence and creates deep and profound changes for me!!! thank you so much James!!!


Beautifully written

James Blanchard Cisneros has a wonderful ability to express ideas in a way that people can accept and feel understood by. This is not just a “feel good” book; it is a thoughtful expression of the finer points of human nature. Reading it makes one feel more confident in being a fine person, not an easy thing to do in this individualstic, competitive world.


thought provoking

This book really helped me look at things in a different way..although I have to keep rereading parts..its easy to fall back into the usual chatter in my head..working on it.


a must read

I’ve seen alot of comments on this book, i bought because of the great reviews. I was so impressed with it, i want everyone to know, if they want to have help with there spitural path, this is a must have.

Thome’ Nicocelli

Inspiring book!

Fantastic book! The writer knows a thing or two about life! He writes with knowledge! A must read! Thome’ Nicocelli, MD


Very centering

My way is to open the book and read whatever is on the page, trusting that is what I am meant to take in at the moment. Always, it has been inspirational and helps me return to center. I breathe deeper and am less mentally scattered. This book is a gem.


One word to describe this book: AWESOME!

I was given this book by a friend. Little did I know the impact that this book would have on my journey. From beginning to end there’s so much insight and valuable information to understand the process of remembering who we really are! I highly recommend this book.

Deva Mayfield

Wonderfully Affirmative!

From Pebbles to Pathways: A Journey of Healing the Heart One Insight at a Time Also a must read, Donna chronicles one woman’s journey to spiritual enlightenment.

You Have Chosen to Remember is so very beautiful and articulately written. Each entry gives both marvelous affirmations and helpful wise suggestion for daily living and re-entering or remaining in the place of love from which we are all created and connected. This book speaks from and to our very source of being. Upon reading his wisdom, I often experience that ah-ha moment, when I recall what I have always known. To this lovely jewel, I say..YES, YES, YES! Do buy his book, for it is also,YOUR BOOK, as you will recall, as you choose to remember. One LOVE, we are one. And so it is.

Tech X

A must read

I have chosen to remember that this insightful book seems to say what I am needing most to hear at any given moment.


You Have Chosen To Remember

If you Need to Learn, the beauty of this book is you get out of it the enlightment you need for soul growth.It is clear and concise. I came about it on facebook, it seems that as I question the universe, the answer manifested itself within a day or so. Ultimate gratitude for this.Great for a Spiritual guidance path. Many thanks.


Recognize Truth

Somehow, somewhere deep inside each human being on this planet, there is a place where we can recognize the truth in the words that are written in this book. I am thankful that this book crossed my path when I was able to recognize the truth in it and have those words help me to remember. The wisdom in it continues to help me remember every day and I highly recommend it to any who are thinkers and seekers.


You Have Chosen To Remember

This is a very awesome and profound book. I am enjoying it immensely. It will make you think about how life is not what we perceive it to be.


Made it to my list of ‘All Time Favorite Books’

James writes from his own life and his own experiences. He is not preachy or condescending. I feel his sincerity when he says, “My friend,…”

Honestly, I felt like he was talking directly to me therefore reading his book didn’t feel like a solitary experience. It felt like I was listening to a dear friend offer guidance based on his own life experiences. It is clear to me that he has been through what I’m going through (spiritually) and reading his book has provided me with comfort, guidance and support. I used to feel alone as I struggled to listen to the Voice for God instead of my own ego’s voice, but with James book (and a few others I’ve found) I’ve learned that I am in no way alone. We are all called to listen, few actually do listen and fewer still write about their experiences. Thank you James.

D. Rizzo


The awareness that comes as a result of reading this book is AMAZING!! I have a better understanding of living “in the moment”. I use it on a daily basis, and it seems to fit right into my day. Wonderful book! Thank you!


Truly Enlightening

This book has brought me closer to the answer that I have been seeking all my life. To know and live the truth is holy freedom and this book generously gives you the truth by teaching you that it has been inside you all along. I am eternally grateful. “When the student is ready the teacher and the lesson appear.”

Melissa Bicker


I felt inspiration, and that the author was talking to me through God. It’s like he knows how to relate to us as confused people out walking around lost..bringing us back to finding our faith and the Lord.

Ad Lo

Life Changing

I feel this book has literally changed my life. I was in a very dark place as an addict, and no treatment seemed to work. I was given this book by a family member and I started reading. I feel this wonderfully written book saved me. I could feel my soul healing. Thank you for saving my life Mr. Cisneros.


The illusion of perceptions

This is my first review of a book. Felt I found my truth on page 233 of the book when I read about the first level of perception. This is about believing we have no control over what is happening; that another force has control over our lives. This may have been what happened when I was a child. When I read this paragraph in the book, I stopped in my tracks for I had found my truth about a drama that has been playing for me throughout my life. Now I have been able to move forward and leave this issue behind me.


use it to teach

Format: Paperback
I’ve read this book a few years ago and find it can be summed up by ‘refreshing, thought-provoking inspiration’ in easy to understand and digest chapters.


You Have Chosen To Remember

I would love the opportunity to read the whole book, however i do enjoy the excerpts that are posted on Facebook. I have read The Secret and The Power and this book has great insight. Thank You

Rickaren Wolfgang

One of the most inspiring books I have ever read.

We have read literally hundreds of books on the same basic frontier of spirit, psychology and “self-help” (why do I hate that term?) but this book is heads up over all of them. It has such a style and poetic prose that I just love the ideas even more. This is one book that anyone can pick up in any page – even in the middle of a sentence – and within a few words be moved by spirit. It is truly amazing that this book can be written and more amazing that everyone on the planet hasn’t read it. I am in awe of the author.


Excellent Book & a reminder to remember our true calling

The book, You have Chosen to Remember, has served as a wonderful way to recall and remind us of our true calling. It is beautifully written with many words of encouragement, and the tone of the book is peaceful and re-assuring.

This compilation of stories and reflections reminds us to look for the source in everyday interactions and use these signs and experiences to remind ourselves of just how important our mission is.

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in personal growth, making a difference, and enlightenment.


pretty awesome

The author has a way of really making you think. He is very dynamic and exciting. You will learn much about life from this book. I do not recommend it however for a beginning light worker.
The concepts here are very advanced and esoteric. I rate this book very high.


Look no further…

This book says it all… period! After 10+ years as a spiritual “seeker” I have finally found the answer(s) I have been searching for…this book is incredible…every word, every page resounds with wisdom, depth, clarity, and pure consciousness…astounding! Buy it, read it, meditate on it, read it again and HOLD ON…your life is about to change! Namaste, my brothers and sisters…


Great Comfort in Time of Strife

I was going through a very painful and difficult time in my life and during this time, my life’s path crossed with a man who actually shared a personal tie to the Author. It was upon recommendation of this profound human being, that I purchased the paperback version of this book. From the “Introduction” I was inexplicably drawn in and with every page, it was like a veil was lifting from my soul and I was “remembering” and it was in remembering that I found peace, love, forgiveness, and dignity with the difficult time in my life. It prompted more awareness of our universal connection to God and each other and it helped greatly with my healing process from the pain and sadness I was feeling at the time. With every chapter, every exercise, every message, you allow yourself to grow and be more aware. It has been 5 years since I first read this magnificent book; I have recommended it to my close friends who have also struggled with life-issues – big or small – and I find solace in its words every-now-and-then, because every-now-and-then, I need to Remember…

K. Arnold

James has a way with words!

There is so much truth in this book! James has a direct connection to the All Knowing, The Creator, The One Intelligence! We are all one. We are connected to each other and to everything that exists. Read this book, allow love to shine through and know that you are already good enough. You are love itself. Practice loving yourself and others, practice loving all things (even those you don’t consider living…in addition to the animals, insects, flowers, water…all things!). When you practice loving everything you will feel natural and normal. You will get more peace and more joy. Buy this book and get started today! Thank you, James, for saying so many wonderful, truthful things in one lovely book! Namaste my dear brother!


Wonderful Book

I highly recommend this book. This book really helps you remember your greater self qualities. Reading it has helped me to develop forgiveness, acceptance, and ultimately a lot of peace of mind. Definitely worth buying.

Bob Coe

The Journey Back!

Very impressed!!! The author is in the “know”. That special place so many of us have searched for so long. The truths from this writing can put the seeker back on his unique path of rememberance.

Great Fan of Books

Inspiring , Transformational Book

This book has so many profound and inspiring truths in it. I have been reading spiritual, self-help books for about 15 years. This book is certainly one of the best I have found. I could actually feel myself energetically transforming when I read the book. This book has helped me to remember and anchor in many higher self qualities. It has also helped me to let go of a lot of old egoic thinking patterns.

The books offers outstanding tools for all kinds of people, including: people looking to experience God in their life; people who want to remember their godself qualities, people who are looking for ways to forgive other people and themselves; people seeking to develop inner peace, joy and gain clarity; and much more.

You have Chosen to Remember: A Journey from Perception to Knowledge, Peace of Mind and Joy is a magnificent treasure FILLED with precious, sacred jewels. I strongly recommend this book.


This book is amazing.

This is one of the best books I have read on forgiveness, letting go, experiencing peace and being in the now.

“You Have Chosen to Remember” presents brilliantly simple strategies for shifting beyond limited thinking. As someone who has been regularly reading spiritual books for 20 years, I am taken by the way “You have Chosen to Remember” provides excellent strategies and motivation for living consciously.

“You Have Chosen to Remember” deeply inspires the reader to live in harmony with your self and the rest of the world.

I highly recommend this book!

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