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Inspirational Quote About Judgment

How Judgment of Others Destroys Joy – Inspirational Quote

“Judgment consumes joy. The more you choose to judge an individual or situation, the more an individual or situation will consume you. The more you judge an individual or situation, the less joy you will experience in you life.” – James Blanchard Cisneros

Inspirational Quote About Being An Extension Of God

Being an Extension of God – Inspirational Quote

“You are an extension of God. Your sister and brother are also an extension of God. Therefore you and your sister and brother are an extension of each other. So what you do to them, you do to yourself.” – James Blanchard Cisneros

Inspirational Quote - Negative Emotions are a Useful Part of Our Journey

Negative Emotions Can Be a Useful Part of Our Journey

“‘Negative’ emotions are as useful to you as every other part of your journey. Because they are of use, gratitude, not judgment, should…”

Inspirational Quote - Every step on our journey helps us grow and find peace.

Every Experience Can Help Us Reach a State of Peace

“Today, we bless our “forward” and “backward” steps with the knowledge that, in truth, they are all helpful and needed to reach our destination – the state of peace.”

Inspiring Quote about Challenges, Life Lessons and Healing

Inspirational Quote – Challenges are Areas You Have Come to Help Heal

“You heard a call for help and healing from this planet, and answered the call….”

Inspiiring Message - Forgiveness adn Inner Peace

Inspirational Quote – Forgiveness & Inner Peace

“Exempt no one from forgiveness, or you will be exempting yourself from the state of peace.”

Inspirational Quote -Dealing with Mean Words

Inspirational Quote – Dealing with Mean Words

Inspiring quote – dealing with mean words.