Daily Inspiration: April 1. How Much Worrying and Suffering Will We Choose? – Condensed Version

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Worrying and mental suffering are signs of a mind that is temporarily asleep to its true nature. Such a mind has forgotten that it has co-created its journey in sacred partnership with God. Worrying and mental suffering are energetic expressions that show us where our mind is out of alignment with the Mind of God and our Divine plan. It is not possible to worry or mentally suffer and at the same time be fully trusting in our Divine plan. Our highest will, just as our highest self, is always connected to and in communication with our Source, God. Thus worrying and suffering result not because we are unworthy of peace and joy, but because during these moments in time, we have forgotten that what we experience is actually our co-creation. Everything in our co-creation with God is designed with our highest good in mind.

Today, let us look back at our past and see how much we learned and grew from our challenging experiences. If learning and growth resulted from these experiences, then were they ever really bad or negative in the first place? If even the experiences where we worried and suffered serve a higher good, then wouldn’t all of our experiences also serve this purpose? Everything is used to help us reach a deeper level of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Knowing and trusting this, how much more worrying and suffering do we need to do? Today, let us notice that the more we trust in our Divine sacred plan, the more peace of mind and joy we experience. The more peace of mind and joy we experience, the more grateful we are to everyone and all, and thus the less worrying and suffering we do.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: April 1. How Much Worrying and Suffering Will We Choose?


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Comments (6)

Thank you James. Blessings

Thank you Scott for being a member of our community.

Peace. JBC

I am confused – I believe it says in ACIM that God does not know of the separation and so isnot involved in the world – yet u keep saying that we co-created our plan for the world with God? How can tht be unless you mean Jesus/Holy Spirit rather than God?

Thank you Louisa for being a member of our community and for your question.

Extremely difficult and complex question to answer with human words, but I’ll give it a try. I have had experiences, though not at all consciously extensive, with all 3 parts of the Trinity, always separately, but never together with all three or two out of three at the same time, thus I am a true believer in the concept of the Trinity.

I can’t for certain say a lot of things about them individually other than what has already been said, and they do appear to have different “jobs”. It would seem obvious that what one part of the Trinity knows, the other parts also know, but I can’t say for sure what God knows or does not know about the separation.

I do believe everything real, Love, does come from God, thus when we prepare our life plan we do so with someone God has created for such a purpose, thus in essence that individual is an aspect of God, but not God.

In Heaven God appears (to me) as the Sun. Like the Sun, you are not allow to get too close for your own protection, in that you could not handle that vibration without I guess dissolving into God. There are angels there in charge of making sure you, or lets say at least I, don’t get dangerously close.

God, from what I know, which I’m sure is very little, is not male or female, It, if you will, is Love. The other two main parts of God (since we are all a part of God) The Holy Spirit(shows itself mainly in the form of a Dove, though I believe, but not sure I met the angelic “human” form once) and Jesus (is a human and God, but came as a form of a man so that we could better relate to, have a closer relationship human wise with Him) do stay involved with this world, but God (the “Father”) I’m not sure of if he does directly.

Obviously to try to answer such a complex spiritual question and put it into human words in such a short answer is next to impossible, but I would say that when I say you co-created your journey with God, I mean with an aspect/part of God that represents God but is not the main Source of all things/Love, God.

We created our plan within the Heavenly state which is Love and God, but the Heavenly state is a reflection and representation of God, but again not the main Source God. See, quite complex.

In essence, you created your journey with Love, with numerous inputs and guidance from Love’s creations who represent God, and you can because of free will, in every moment stay align with God, or turn your back on God, Love. So, in essence you did and not co-create your journey with God and God is and is not aware of the separation.

Peace. JBC

Thank you..I look forward to opening my email daily and reading these messages.🙏

Thank you Maureen for being open to the message and for being member of our community.

Peace. JBC

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