Daily Inspiration: April 10. Letting Go of Unloving Thoughts – Condensed Version

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Today, if we are currently grappling with and holding onto unloving thoughts of our self or others, let us choose to place such criticisms aside, at least for a moment. As we do, let us understand that these moments are being offered to us so that we can better understand that we are in control of our thoughts, and that our thoughts should not be controlling us. Today, instead of fueling the flames of anger, resentment and revenge, let us stop and see such instances as opportunities to practice taking back control of our own thoughts and thus of our own mind. Let us no longer put our self down for thinking unloving thoughts. Instead, let us realize that these are simply false concepts that we have been programmed to believe are real.

Today, let us become aware that unloving thoughts are helping us see when the ego is in control of our thinking. If the ego is in control of our thinking, then it is also in control of our life. If the ego is in control of our life, then it is not the truth in us who is living our life, which leaves us feeling unfulfilled. Understanding this, let us now allow unloving thoughts to become triggers that call us to take back control of our mind and life. This way, unloving thoughts become allies in our awakening process, and not our adversaries. Let us offer gratitude to our unloving thoughts for helping awaken us to who we no longer desire to be. Let us also be grateful to the individuals who bring up these unloving thoughts, for they too are helping us see who we no longer desire to be.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: April 10. Letting Go of Unloving Thoughts – Condensed Version.


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Comments (4)

James, I was just criticized by a friend who said I need to stop my judgement of this leader who is ruining our country. God forbid me to be a mirror of him and all what he stands for. I have lost some friends because of my stance in the fight against lies, broken promises, racism, greed and blatantly supporting only those who go along with his dictatorship. Removing my self from the media is to me like an ostrich sticking her head in the sand. No hear, no see . I pray constantly and forgive myself for feeling as I do. I appreciate you input

Thank you Angela for being open to the message.

In the end, always do what brings you peace, and you will have peace. Sometimes inaction brings people peace, sometimes action does. You have co-created your journey with Perfection, thus your journey, just the way it is, and just the way you choose to live it, is perfect for you and for this world. Trust this truth to be true, continue on your perfect and sacred passage, and be at peace.

When others judge you, remember that only the Love in them is real, and thus it is never the truth in them that is doing so, it is simply that part of them that still remains asleep. Forgive your brothers and sisters for simply dreaming, and choose to no longer waste your precious time judging those who sleep.

Does a mother not love her children even while they sleep? When a child tells her mother about some nightmare she had, does the mother not turn the light on and show her child that the monsters were never real. Is the child not comforted by her mother’s love. Are we all not God’s children, all worthy of love?

Today, when in doubt, invite Love to lead the way. Do so and become a beacon of love, light and understanding, who you in truth were created to be.

Peace. JBC

Thank you, James, for always being there for all of us!!! You’ve made my day!

Thank you Claudia for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

May your clarity, peace and understanding, light the way for others.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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