Daily Inspiration: April 20. What Time Is to Eternity – Condensed Version

I place a towel unto the surface of a deserted endless beach, and it becomes a symbol, of what time is to eternity. Equally so, a symbol of what judgment is to forgiveness, pain to peace, and condemnation to compassion. You, your brother and sister are eternal, the truth within forever changeless in its perfection. And yet the ego, thought it noticed a blink in eternity’s eyes, and decided to call it time. Within this illusionary idea that we now call time, we have been programmed to believe that we are something other than God’s eternal loving essence, and that there can be something apart from All That Is. Because we have bought into this fairy tale called time, we have also bought into the characters within this fairy tale, that go by such names as judgment, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate and revenge.

Today, let us practice, recognizing some of the symbols of eternity and of time. Eternity is a symbol of God, time is a symbol of the ego. Eternity is aligned with Love, time is aligned with fear. Love, has numerous expressions, such as peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion. Fear, has numerous expressions, such as judgment, anger, anxiousness and hate. Today, let us not put ourselves or others down, nor judge ourselves or others when aligning with the symbols of time, instead let us simply practice using time and its symbols, to help wake us up to the understanding, that the mindset that we are supporting, is not representative of the truth in us. After realizing this, simply make the conscious choice, to align with the eternal, with who in truth you are, and then be who you were created to be.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”


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I would like to know what your take is about the ego..God made us , so he must have made the ego,,some say the ego is the gate keeper. if God created us, what was his reasoning to give us also an ego….If the ego is so bad…..

Thank you Jean for your question. The ego, just like a dream, is not bad, for to think of it as bad or as anything negative is to give it a power that it can not have. The ego places itself in opposition to God Who Is All, and thus it can not be real. The ego is but an a illusionary thought within our minds that we have been told is real for so long that we now think of it as real. You can think a dream to be real while in it, yet it is only when you awaken from it that you realize that it was not real, same as the ego. The more of your time, focus and energy that you place in the ego’s fear/judgment filled mindset, the more real you will make it appear, the bigger part of your life it will be. The less of your time, focus and energy that you place on it, the less real, the smaller part of your life it will be. And so it is we that make the ego real, and why some egos appear to be bigger than others because of the time that person invest in the ego. But the ego, being in opposition to God (The Creator) is self destructive, thus the more people use it in their lives, the less useful and productive they will see that it is, and thus the less need they will have for it – in the average case. Peace. JBC

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