Daily Inspiration: April 26. The Illusion of Judgment – Condensed Version

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The ego’s judgment-centered programs and mindset have no control over you – other than the control that you give to them. Knowing this, when other people judge you, say to yourself what a great man once said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Then simply forgive their misperceptions of you. Let go of their judgments of you — and of your judgments of them for judging you. For what could the false concept of judgment possibly be when God is Love, Truth and All? There can be no opposition to Love which is All. Thus in truth, there can be no such thing as judgment. If in truth there is no such thing as judgment, then what need would you ever have for it or to defend yourself against it? Judgment of self and others is simply a sign of one who has temporarily forgotten their true essence and nature.

Today, let us recall that because God is Love and All, judgment, placing itself in opposition to Love, cannot be real or true. This makes judgment illusionary in nature. We enhance or diminish an illusion’s effect on our life by how much we focus on it. Today, when a judgment of self or others pops into our mind and demands to be recognized and fed, we simply decline its request to enter by overlooking or forgiving it. If we feel that we are not yet able to do that, then let us visualize handing our pain and anger over to God, and visualize and feel them dissolving before His mercy and light. Then let us pray for those who have judged us or for those whom we have judged. If we cannot yet do that, then let us ask God to do this for us until we can feel and understand the wisdom of our Divine path.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: April 26. The Illusion of Judgment – Condensed Version.


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Comments (2)

I’ve been struggling with anger & bitterness as a result of the pain from the attack of my own sister. I couldn’t forgive her because of her denials. But, this lesson helped me to bring all my pain to God & started visualizing & feeling them desolving before God’s mercy. I am finally relieved!
All glory to God!
God bless you!

Thank you Abeba for being open to the message.

Lovely to hear! May you through your daily example of forgiveness and a greater trust in God, become a light for those who still reside within the darkness.

Understand that the ego usually will not go quietly into the good night. Thus those thoughts of judgment, anger, bitterness and pain when thinking about your sister may pop up again, but now when they do, do not despair. Instead, see such thoughts as an invitation from God to you, asking you to become more forgiving, to trust in Him more, and to become more compassionate thus a brighter light in this world.

When you learn to use even the so-called bad thoughts and emotions for good, to help you grow, heal and awaken, you receive a clear understanding of how God works, of how He can even use all the seeming negatives in our lives to help heal and awaken us and thus world.

When you see that, after all is said and done, what your sister is in reality providing to you is the opportunity to grow, heal, and learn to trust God more, your response to her and her actions will become one of gratitude and appreciation, not judgment and condemnation.

When now gratitude and appreciation take the place of your past judgment and condemnation you will begin to live in alignnment with the states of peace and joy. When peace and joy become your constant companions, gratitude will become your response to everything, everyone and all.

It is when gratitude becomes your response to each step along your sacred journey, to each interaction you have, to all those you think of and meet, that your mind will be in alignment with the Mind of God.

It is at One with the Mind of God that is your true Home, and where you belong. It is the Mind of God, Love’s energies and expressions, that you have been sent here to share with all those He sends your way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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