Daily Inspiration: April 28. Remembering Your True Value – Condensed Version

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Regardless of how you have been programmed to see your life, you and every part of it has been of, and is of, value. If you experience something, then it has served a purpose. Rest assured that the Divine, being Love and All, can and does use all for good. All of your experiences come to you in order to help you grow, heal and awaken. In truth, Love and its numerous expressions are what are valuable. They are all aspects of your eternal essence and nature. Anytime you are thinking, feeling or expressing love through any of its forms, you are aligning with and reinforcing your true treasure. Your true value and treasure is the love that you are, have always been and will always be. Your true value and treasure is not something that can be taken away from you.

Today, let us recall that we are God’s treasure, love in physical form. Our divine essence and nature is what is truly valuable. Today, let us no longer doubt our worth or value. Let us shine our love and light bright, in our own unique ways, in order to remember who we truly are and our value to God and this world. Being all One, let us be sure to see everyone’s worth and value. By doing so, we will reinforce and strengthen our own. The more we get to share the love that we are with others, the more we will understand how incredibly worthy and valuable we are. The more we recognize, share and trust in our value, the more worthy of God we will feel — and the more we will then allow God, Love, Light, to flow through us and throughout our day.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: April 28. Remembering Your True Value – Condensed Version.


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Comments (4)

Hi James, Firstly thank you for your beautiful message of love & self acceptance.I struggle to see my worth at time’s, flitting between low self-esteem and Egoic thought & behaviour.Any advice on how to “level” my perception of myself?
Many thanks,peace & love
Joseph 🙏✌️♥️

Thank you Joe for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

God is Love and All, and you are His creation. Only what God is could you ever in truth be. Anything other than the Love in you is not real nor true.

You stop delusional thoughts, such as those of unworthiness and a lack of self-esteem, from taking over by consciously ending the time, focus and energy, that you place on them. Stop feeding and fueling them, and they will begin to naturally dissolve from your life.

You can also learn to use these delusional thoughts, but not to drag you into further darkness, but instead to trigger in you the understanding that it is now time to let go of what is not real and support and focus only on the truth in you. And so see such delusional thinking now as simply a call to action. A call to support, and thus reinforce, only the loving truth in you as true.

You support and thus reinforce your true nature by simply listening to what aspect of Love the moment or interaction is requesting from you. You are here to be the light of the world. You become the light of the world by being the expression of Love that the moment is requesting. And so for example, if the ego demands you judge and condemn another, now you no longer blindly fall into the ego’s ditch, now you see such a demand as truly just a call to action, a call to now be the expression of Love that this moment seems to be requesting. In such a moment, maybe a more compassionate and forgiving person is who you are being asked to be, and so be that.

Your day is simply a number of moments. As many moments as you can today, and especially when the ego’s delusional mindset demands you follow it down into the darkness, stop, simply stop, then remind yourself that it is the truth you, the love that you are, who should be in control of your thinking, not the ego. Then take back control of your thinking and mind by aligning them with the Love that you in truth are. Compassion, peace, joy, kindness, forgiveness, trusting in God, these are all aspects and expressions of your loving nature, these are all who in truth you are and have come down here to be and share with others.

You are Perfection’s creation, and Perfection only creates perfectly. Trust this truth to be true and you will find a peaceful heart and a joyful mind. Trust this truth to be true and learn to use even your so-called challenging times as a call to action, as a call to be who in truth you are and were created to be.

You can not be anything other the the loving truth in you. Now, simply catch yourself when you are not being the truth in you, when the ego is in control of your thinking, then take back control of your own thoughts. By doing so you will begin to take back control of your own life, that life that was gifted to you by Love Himself in order to help guide those still lost in darkness back into alignment with the light in them.

Peace. JBC

Thank you and thankful for your extended message of love and acceptance.

Thank you Donna for being open to the message.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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