Daily Inspiration: April 7. Laying Down the Sword of Judgment – Condensed Version

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Lay judgment down. Lay down your sword, for what peace or joy has your sword ever brought to you or to those around you? When you judge something or someone, know that it is not the divine truth in you doing so. The divine truth in you is Love, who is God and All. When you judge or condemn, you are reacting as you have been programmed by the false or ego self to react. Being that God is Love and All, there is no place for judgment in the Divine, within All That Is. This is why the truth in you does not judge yourself or others. When you find yourself judging, that is your programmed self “acting” as it was taught by the ego to act. Your programmed self only exists in the ego’s fairy tales, where it can only seem to exist in opposition to your true, eternal, loving essence and peaceful nature.

Today, let us lead by example, drop our swords and shields, and decline the ego’s demands for war. When we do so, we overlook the false and focus on only the divine in us and others as true. We overlook the ego’s programs and mindset, and trust in God’s love and plan. Today, if you become aware that you are thinking judgmental thoughts, gently ask yourself, “Do I desire to continue to fight in the ego’s battlefields, or do I want the peace of God?” When we awaken from the ego’s dream, what use will we have for swords and shields if there are no battles left to fight? What use do we have for judging ourself and others when we recall that God is Love and All? When we recall that only the false could try to place itself in opposition to the divine, loving truth in all of us? Today, freed from the ego’s programs and mindset, let us choose forgiveness over judgment, compassion over condemnation, and thus peace over conflict.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: April 7. Laying Down the Sword of Judgment – Condensed Version.


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Comments (6)

Thank you for these daily, inspired posts.
The writings that followed are helpful for me as well.
I know and understand these truths, but they are not easy to implement. With more time living in the ego patterns, than not, reactions are more likely to happen. I’m also on a medication that causes agitation. It’s so hard to pause and still myself. I’m taken over by the wounded monster and it hurts and screams out.
Thanks James. Hoping to get free from this suffering. 🙏🏼🙂

Thank you Sue for your comment and for being open to the message.

The more you get to practice implementing these truths, the easier and more natural they will become to you. And so today let us thank, not curse, those who are helping us practice implementing these truths, in essence going from fear to love, and thus from pain to peace.

Today, gently practice catching yourself when you find yourself out of alignment with the loving truth in you. Then pat yourself on the back for having the wisdom to realize that you are somewhere within your heart and mind that you do not belong. Then simply and with grace correct your path. Consciously align your heart and mind with Love, and choose once agin from that place of Love. In doing so you once again become the healed and healing light of the world that God created you to be.

Peace. JBC

What an important message this is and how well received by me today! I haven’t been reading many of the messages as I have been occupied caring for my dear brother who passed away last week.

As you can imagine, I am a bit of a tangle of mixed emotions at present and I did feel that I was feeling very judgemental at times so this post really helped me to feel peace again. Thank you so much

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

I’m very sorry for your brother’s passing.

You are the Love that God is. Whenever you are not feeling loving in nature that is simply because the ego, not the truth in you, is in control of your thinking. Now, learn to use such instances, not to continue to judge self or others, but instead to trigger in you, the desire to take back control of your own thoughts and mind.

You take back control of your own mind and thus life by taking back control over the thoughts you are thinking. You take control of the thoughts you are thinking by making the conscious decision to align them only with the Love that you are.

In every moment, especially those you feel lost in, ask yourself: “What would Love have me think of now? What would Love have me now say? How would Love have me act towards my brothers and sisters? Then do that.

In essence, all you are ever ask to do, to be at peace, is be the love that God created you to be. Do so, and when you return Home and meet your brother again, know that you will do so with your arms wide open and your head held high.

Peace. JBC

Dear James,

I loved reading your response to Fiona. It really spoke to me. I am having a problem with self-worth. I don’t know why I can’t see my worthiness or the Love that I am. I thought that I used to be able to see it but now I’m doubting myself. I live with a covert narcissist and I think I’m severely codependent from growing up in an alcoholic family. How do I get back to knowing my worthiness, if I even ever felt truly worthy?


Shelly M

Thank you Shelly for being a member of our community.

There are thoughts that you are supporting that are supporting the idea of a lack of self worth. This is actually good news. For if it is you who are thinking and thus supporting such thoughts, then it is also you who has the power to stop thinking them and start thinking thoughts that support only the loving truth in you as true.

God, Love thought and created you. You are in essence the physical representative of God’s Loving thought on Earth. This is who you truly are. You need to start supporting who in truth you are, in order to realize that this is truly you. You support who in truth you are, the Love that God is, by using your time, focus and energy to support the thoughts that support this truth as true. The more you support only the truth in you as true, the stronger this truth becomes. The stronger this truth becomes the stronger you will be.

Today, and each day forth, practice placing more and more of your time, focus and energy on Love and its expressions such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy. Begin to do more of what brings you in alignment with your loving nature. Begin to focus on what you are passionate about, on what brings you peace and joy to do. The more you make the conscious decision to focus on and do these things, the more worthy of them you will feel that you are, the more your self-worth will grow. The more your self-worth grows the stronger you will become, the more self-loving decisions and actions you will begin to take, and thus the better boundaries you will create for yourself and others.

When you blame the past, you remain stuck in it. Forgive the past and all those from it and you will begin to free yourself from what chains you to the past. Then, now free, focus on the now, on only the now. You focus on the now by forgiving the past and placing the future fully in God’s hands. You live in the now by doing, in the present moment, what brings you peace and joy. You become a reflection of the now by my making the conscious decision to align your thoughts with Love, and then allowing Love to lead the way.

Today, when you are feeling uncertain, simply invite God in. You invite God in by recalling that you are His daughter and that because of that you are forever worthy of His company and guidance. Then, opened to the energy of Love, invite God to lead you. Before making any decision ask God, Love, what would He, Love, Peace, Joy, have you think, say and do, then think, say and do that. Do that until you realize that you indeed want to live in alignment with the Mind of God. That you are indeed here to represent God, Love here on Earth. That you, as God’s child, are forever worthy of His inheritance, His Love, and that His Love is All that is truly real and true.

Recall that we are all One, and so if you are having trouble with self-worth, google and find out ways you can build up other people’s self worth. By helping others you will reinforce that you too are worthy of having a healthy sense of self-worth. There are numerous ways, in each moment, to help people with their self worth, from making them smile and feel worthy of joy to helping them develop a greater trust in God and thus feel worthy of having a more peaceful mind. From offering them a sincere complement and so making them feel better about themselves to sharing with them how strong you think they are thus helping them feel worthy of being able to set more loving boundaries. When you help in any way lift others, you will be reminding yourself that you too, being that we are all One, are worthy of all that is beautiful, real and true.

Peace. JBC

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