Daily Inspiration: August 22. Experiencing the Gift of the Present Moment – Condensed Version

Imagine, from now on, making the conscious choice to see every moment, as a gift of growth that you are being presented with. What emotion other than gratitude would you express, if you understood, that what you are experiencing within the present moment is a gift, here to help you rise to a higher level of consciousness? And what feeling, other than peace, could come to you, if you but fully trusted that there is One, who is always within and with you, who fully loves and protects you, and has since your creation promised, that all will be alright? Today, let us make the conscious choice to trust the present moment, to trust in God’s eternal gift, over our ego’s propensity to become anxious, stress out and worry. Today, let us simply trust God, smile, breathe deeply and confidently, and allow what is to be.

Today, imagine, how would your life would begin to change, if you but simply made this one choice within the present moment, to fully trust God and by doing so experience His gift of peace. All you need do to receive and experience it within the now, is to trust in God’s plan over that of our ego’s plan, in Love over fear, and by doing so realize that He has our best interest in mind and that all will be alright. Free will, forever offers us this opportunity, to choose to trust in God instead of our worries. Let us recall that our worrying, is not truly a function of what is occurring in the outer world, it is a function and symbol of, our lack of trust in God, and in God’s plan. Make the conscious choice to fully trust God with your life, and you will be at peace in each and every moment and where ever you go.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Today’s post was very pertinent for me. Each day I do try very hard to trust God but I seem to fail more than I succeed. Is it a process that takes time to perfect or am I just very weak? Thanks

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message. Like with anything in life, the more you practice it, the easier and more natural such a behavior will become. When you are in emotional pain, which is a symbol of a lack of trust in God, do not put yourself down for this, instead rejoice, for God is in that moment, offering you an opportunity to practice your own healing and awakening. Simply remember that God is Love and All, and thus you too must be love. Simply remember that God being Love, only has your best interest in mind. Thus anytime that you feel out of alignment with the energy of Love and thus not trusting in God, practice catching yourself quicker and quicker when you are out of alignment, thank God and pat yourself on the back that you now have the wisdom to be aware enough to catch yourself, thank God that He loves you enough to offer this opportunity to practice shifting your mindset, forgive yourself and others, shift your mindset from one of lack of self-love to love, from a lack of trust in God to trusting in God, and then make the conscious choice to serve as an example of your trust in God, your Oneness with God, with others. Do this over and over and over again, until it just becomes second nature to do so, to trust God. Then serve and an example to others, by being at peace and joyous, that you are always and forever, taken care of, and One with God. Peace. JBC

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