Daily Inspiration: December 10. The Blessing that is Your Whole Journey – Condensed Version

Today, if the ego tries to have you judge your journey, politely decline. Remember that all of your experiences, combined together, have helped you become a more compassionate and self-aware person. All of the wisdom that you have is because of your past. When the ego tries to put you or others down for the past, recall the true gift the past was to you. It is because of your past that you have the coping tools that you have today. Right now, you are at your personal highest level of consciousness, thanks to everything you have experienced. Thus, allow gratitude and hope, not guilt and shame, to become your attitude toward yourself and your journey. The more you understand the sacred nature of your past, the more compassionate and understanding you will be toward the way you have chosen to grow.

Today, if you feel any sense of sorrow, self-judgment, doubt or self-loathing, stop and remember that God, being Love and All, uses all of your experiences for good. Each step of your journey is designed by the Divine to help you grow, heal and awaken. What further tears would you cry or condemnations of self and others would you make when you recall the true nature of all things? My dear friend, you and your whole journey, being a creation of Perfection, are a blessing to this world. Today, look deeply into the mirror and truly behold and learn to appreciate yourself as God’s creation. Then remember to look upon all of God’s creations in this same fashion. Do so until each person’s journey is seen by the divine truth in you — with love and non-judgment.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (10)

I needed to hear That James God Bless you & your own. Amen Gary OKC 63

Thank you Gary for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Brett Charles Louviere

Beautiful message of sharing our trith eith our divinity by not shutting the door to the past. Thank u for this gift.
With love,

Thank you Brett for being open to the message.

Let us recall, that it is because of our past, and all of the lessons that we have learnt through it, that we are the more compassionate and wiser persons, that we are today. Understanding this, let us offer our past and those from it our gratitude, and not our judgment.

Peace. JBC

Your beautiful reminders are so necessary for me. I struggle with depression and anxiety and need to remember these truths every minute. You have definitely helped me on m journey towards love of G-d and love of self as His beautiful child. Thank you James.

Thank you Nechama for being open to the message.

When depression and anxiety try to strike, use it as an opportunity to practice responding with gratitude, remembering Who has your back, Whose creation you are, and Who forever walks beside and within you along your sacred and perfect path.

Also, be sure to physically set your self up for success by daily exercise (at least and hr walk a day), daily prayer/meditation, eating healthy fats, organic animal protein (no more than a serving per day), high vegetable consumption, some fruit, and no simply carbs, process foods, or added sugars.

Peace. JBC

This is most certainly a central truth that has caused me to be able to grow through my life lessons and even, just within this ” dream lifetime”, to continue positively on this life journey- from my perceived severe emotional abuse by my parents, through my low self esteem, through what at the time seemed horrifically negative work experiences, through my experience years ago being a physically abused wife, through “losing” both my daughters as a result of deliberate tactics to alienate behavior by their fathers, and through the death of my son via massive drug overdose —- I believe I have learned so much and can “give” so much more than if these experiences had not happened. I am greatful and thankful that my meaningful spiritual journey in this lifetime, began seemingly “by chance” so many years ago – and that it has continued and grown. I know that nothing happens by chance. Love and peace and kindness and forgiveness to all.

Thank you Louisa for being open to the message.

Let us learn to use all of our life experience as sacred tools that we can then use to help others heal and awaken.

Let us also practice being grateful for being given these sacred tools that are unique to us. Thanks to our life experiences we now each poses a unique set of sacred tools that we can now use to help heal this world.

Today, let us trust that God, being Perfect Love, would never offer us a challenge that we could not handle and overcome. It is our overcoming that will help others overcome. It is in our victories that others will find their hope.

Peace. JBC

TGBTG!!! I really needed this today….

Thank you Regina for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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