Daily Inspiration: December 18. Reversing the Ego’s Anger Programmed Response – Condensed Version

God is Love and All. Anger, not being an expression of Love, is a programmed response that the ego has taught us to make. But the ego, placing itself in opposition to All, can neither be real or true. If the ego is not real or true, then anything that it teaches is false. Our beliefs in the ego’s false concepts are what keep them in our life (and the world). When we no longer support our programmed response of anger, its power over us will diminish. Today, if we find ourself feeling angry, it is not because of what someone else did, but because we are currently asleep to the loving truth in us. Anger is what the ego insists is a just, proper and natural response to the situation. But if the ego is right, why, in our moments of reflection, do we feel burdened by the weight of guilt, shame and regret?

Today, if the ego once again demands anger, let us no longer blindly follow its directions. We have already traveled the ego’s path of judgment, anger, resentment, regret, guilt and shame too many times to count. We already know this is a path that leads us nowhere we desire to go. Now let us instead hear and understand anger as a call from the Universe asking us to take back control of our mind from the ego. In doing so, we return to aligning with our loving Source and offer Love’s expression of forgiveness. Forgiveness helps us return to the state of peace. As Love’s creation, forgiveness and peace are our birthright. So let us thank, not be angry at, all those who through their presence in our life have helped us recall that, in any moment, we can choose forgiveness over anger and thus peace over pain.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (6)

This message is so important. In every day life I don’t want to be angry with anyone and I do try but it can be very hard. I am trying your suggestion to thank God instead of reacting with anger. So far, it is working. Thank you.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

Anytime the thought of anger tries to pollute your mind, stop, recall that you are Love”s creation and thus here to spread and share Love’s expressions. Forgiveness and gratitude are two of Love’s numerous expressions. Thus when anger comes, as soon as you can remember to do so, acknowledge it as something you in truth do not desire, then offer the expression of Love that the moment and those in it are truly requesting. Then thank that anger for helping you practice recalling that you can, in any moment and interaction, choose peace instead of it.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder that to refuse anger is to shake off a heavy weight and to truly experience a lightness that only non-judgement can bring. What a freeing experience is forgiveness and what peace it does bring.

Thank you Mona for being open to the message.

When anger comes calling, do not judge yourself and others as the ego would demand that you do. Instead, remind yourself:

“I am God’s creation. I have free will. I can choose peace instead of this. I now, knowing that we are all One, forgive my brother and sister, and by doing so free myself to once again align with the state of peace, with my True Home.”

Peace. JBC

I totally agree.. heavily burdened as I was my anger ended up encompassing everyone….I read somewhere that to forgive the ones who hurt me then to forgive myself was supposed to help me see through different eyes… so I did just that …No longer do the memories visit me… I dealt with them as they showed themselves to me, forgave and blessed them with love never to return…and finally I am free

Thank you Gaynor for being open to the message.

Every time the thought of anger, of judging self or another tries to enter your mind’s gate, stop the thought and remember, that as Love’s creation, you are forever worthy of peace.

Thanks to your life experience, you already know the dead ends roads that anger demands you travel.

Today, recall the gift of free will, and realize that in every moment, you can choose the road you take, that you can choose forgiveness over anger, and thus peace over pain.

Peace. JBC

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