Daily Inspiration: December 3. Reducing Self-Judgment – Condensed Version

Today, if the ego insists that we judge ourself or another, let us stop and recall that we are God’s creations. Our Creator, being Love and Perfect, only creates lovingly and perfectly. Created perfectly, we all have a unique way and place in this world. We are here to create as Divinity created through the energy of love. Each step along our path is here to help lead us back to this sacred recognition. To each person along our journey, let us offer them our gratitude for their gift to us, for their participation in our awakening process. What but gratitude should we offer to those who are a part of our awakening process? The more we recall and respect our sacred process, the less judgmental we become. The less judgmental we become, the greater beacons of God’s love we will be.

Today, if the ego demands self-judgment, politely decline its request. Then use the moment to trigger in you the desire to align with the love that is your true essence and nature. This simple conscious step will help you feel peace. The state of peace is your true destination. Non-judgment is the way to peace. Peace is your inheritance and birthright. Peace is an aspect of who you are, came here to be and share. Peace is one of Love’s expressions. Love, being All, has no opposite. Knowing this, the fairy tale of self-judgment has no more ground to walk on. Today, allow only Love to be the solid foundation in which you travel. Today, walk hand in hand with non-judgment and feel the peace that such a wise companion brings to your life.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

I feel guilt about this question, but has really been bothering me – regarding the above line: “We are our Creator’s creation, and our Creator being Love and Perfect can only create lovingly and perfectly.” This seems so incongruent with “our” being able to dream this dream. Where would these thoughts of hate and separation and etc. come from? Where would “we” even get the ideas that fill this world with “hell”? How could we imagine it to begin with?

Thank you Louisa for your question and for being open to the message.

Guilt is not who you are, Love is. Created from Love, only the love in you is forever true.

Free will has been gifted to all of us, and thus we can choose to remain awake or fall asleep to our true essence and nature. Within the dream the dreamer dreams, and whatever he dreams he believes as real and true. The monsters in our dreams may seem very real, but it is only when we awaken that we understand their illusionary nature, that they were never really real in the first place.

When we awaken we always do so in God’s arms, in the arms of Love, Peace and Joy. Love, peace and joy are your true nature and Home.

Make the conscious choice to no longer fear the shadows in your dream. No matter what size, shape, emotions or beliefs they take, they are not real, for only the Love in you is real, and Love is God and All.

Today, when the monster of judgment tries to enter your dream, awaken and forgive. When the seeming enemy comes to you dress in hate and lifts up the sword of war, smile and recall, that these are but thoughts that you make real by your belief in them. Take away your belief in them, offer them your forgiveness, love and compassion, and watch them slowly dissolve before your light and understanding.

Today, make the conscious decision to only support, with your time, focus and energy, only the Truth as true.

Do so, awaken, and prepare the path for those who still feel like they need to sleep a little more.

Peace. JBC

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