Daily Inspiration: February 22. Dealing with Tragedy – Condensed Version

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Let us no longer judge ourself or others for how we react and feel, or for how long we believe we need to grieve. It is the ego that has programmed us to believe there are proper and improper ways to react to tragedy. It is the ego that has placed parameters around how much grieving is appropriate. Being that the ego’s main fuel source is judgment, anytime we are judging ourself or others for grieving too much or too little, we are buying what the ego is selling. When we are in alignment with the ego’s judgment-based mindset, we’re out of alignment with the mind of God. God is Love, and Love, thanks to free will, places no parameters around what we think we need to feel, or for however long we need to feel it.

Today, if you are sent to someone who is dealing with tragedy, know you are there as a representative of God, Love. Remember this and offer love in whatever ways your heart and soul are calling you to. Listen without judgment, allow them to feel whatever it is they need to feel, and by doing so, guide them to a place where peace, hope and healing reside. Pray with them and by doing so, help lead them out of the darkness and back into alignment with the light within. If you are blessed to be in the physical presence of one going through hard times, know it is because God has entrusted you with His child. If doubt about what to say or do tries to pollute your mind, stop those thoughts and instead recall that the Creator of the universe trusts you. If God trusts you enough to take care of His child, then know you should allow your self-doubt to dissolve away before your light and understanding.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration: February 22. Dealing with Tragedy – Condensed Version


Inspiring Videos to Help People Awaken.    daily inspiration video Inspiring Videos to Help People Awaken.     James reading with commentary

Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

Thank you – just what I needed with all that has been going on in this dream particularly lately. I find more and more that I am able to step aside and not feel anything when I think abt this being but a dream – is that a goal – at these times I do intellectually have compassion for others but without the upset and etc. Any comments? Love and peace and kindness and forgiveness

Thank you Louisa for being a member of our community and for your comment. We have all, as difficult as it is for the ego to see, have co-created our journeys with an All-Loving God. Therefore, there is not a step that we take, no matter how it looks to those who sleep, that is not sacred and perfect for our growth, healing and awakening. When you understand this, what need would you ever again have to judge another person’s journey, and what that person’s journey looks like. When you drop your judgments of self and others, what other than peace of mind, joy, love, clarity and understanding, would be left for you to experience and share with others. Allow others to live there lives the way they think they need to, and you will be free from having to log your judgments around with you. Now, with all that said, always do what brings you peace, and so if you feel like you need to do something about one thing or another, than do it, and be at peace doing it, for your journey, every step along your sacred path, is and will forever be, perfect as your Creator. Peace. JBC

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