Daily Inspiration: February 4. Becoming Your Greatest Supporter – Condensed Version

On a daily basis, there is no one who has more opportunities to judge and criticize you, or lift you up and support you, than you. No one in this life will speak to you, advise you, direct or misdirect you, more than you will. It is you who holds the key to how you treat yourself, and through your example, allow others to treat you. Consciously or not, you are always teaching people how to treat you. What you teach them, is simply a reflection of what you think and feel about yourself. Others are simply helping you see, what you think and feel about yourself. You are forever worthy of love, kindness and respect. But to truly understand this, you must first practice treating yourself with love, kindness and respect. As you do so, others will be guided to treating you, by the path that you yourself craved out.

Today, let us practice becoming our greatest supporter by recognizing that we are all One, and seeing each person as a part of ourselves. If everyone is a part of us, if we are not being loving and supportive of them, we are withholding that love and support from ourselves. Let us let go of our judgments and criticisms by recalling that God is Perfect, only creates perfectly, and thus each one of our journeys must be perfect. The less we judge and criticize ‘others’, the less judgmental and critical we will become of ourselves. By recognizing the perfect nature of each and every one of us, we recognize and support the perfect nature of each and every part of us. It is by doing so, by loving, respecting and supporting our whole self and journey, that we begin to truly become, our greatest supporter.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”


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Thank you for the reminder, it is so difficult when others are throwing negative.. Remarks thrown even in a joking manner seems to have an effect on me. I suppose it’s because I take other’s words thoughts and opinions, literally too seriously .GB

Thank you Debra for your comment. God is Love, you are God’s creation, and God can only create perfectly and lovingly. People’s truth support only this truth as true. People’s illusions of themselves, their ego self support only illusions as true. When people are seeing you as anything other than Love, it is never the truth is them doing so, it is that child self, that lost self in them, the character they play within the ego’s fairy tale that is doing so. Remember this, only support your truth as true, and be forever at peace. Peace. JBC

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