Daily Inspiration: January 17. Trying To Be Who We Are Not Is Hard – Condensed Version

Negative, hurtful and judgmental thoughts, words and actions are not who we are. They are not representative of our eternal loving essence and nature. Yet the ego has programmed us to believe that there are times when negativity, judgment and anger are proper responses, when forgiveness should not be offered, and when our well of compassion should run dry. Yet, because the Love in us is eternal, the truth in us, our well, can never run dry. Why is it that we feel bad or guilty when we are negative, hurtful, judgmental or angry, even when the ego insists that it is perfectly ok and normal to feel and act in this manner? It tells us that our act of judgment is an act of wisdom. Yet how wise is it if the advice we follow only makes us feel bad, sad, shame, guilt, separate and alone?

Today, let us practice better understanding the difference between who we are and who we are not. Being Love’s creation, we are Love and all of Its expressions. Anything that tries to place itself in opposition to Love and its expressions — is who we are not. When you find yourself being who you are not, do not judge yourself. Simply realize that you are being who you are not, correct your behavior, and once again move in Love’s direction. This helps you see how unlike the ego’s mindset is to your loving essence and nature. Today, in every interaction, choose to support and thus reinforce the truth in you as true. By doing so, you can leave the ego’s judgment, pain, suffering, guilt and shame behind. By doing so, you become the representative of Love that you came here to be.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

Enjoy Jame’s inspirational video commentary for January 17. Trying To Be Who We Are Not Is Hard


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Comments (4)

Thank you for helping me to think of my ego as a friend instead of an adversary.


Thank you Charmaine for being open to the message.

Today, allow the ego to show you who you are not. Then thank it for its service to you, and simply and gently set it aside. After setting it aside, allow the truth in you, the love that you are, to once again lead the way.

Peace. JBC

Hi, your thoughts today are exactly what I’ve been thinking about lately. When I go to fear based thoughts I now know that j can stop them and go to love based thoughts. I also thank ego for showing me who I’m not. Ego used to be my enemy now he’s a great friend. Thank you again. Love joy and peace to all.

Thank you Steve for being open to the message.

Gratitude for everyone and all is indeed a wonderful way to peace of mind and joy.

Yes, let us learn to use the ego as an ally in our awakening, and not as an adversary. For all the ego is doing, is helping us practice remembering who we are not, and what we no longer want. In doing so, it is in essence, helping us get a clearer picture of who we in truth are, and who we desire to share with others.

Peace. JBC

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