Daily Inspiration: July 12. The Ego’s Imaginary Childish Games – Condensed Version

As you become more aware of people unconsciously participating in the ego’s illusionary mindset, you will notice that their performance is like that of children playing imaginary games. When you see them as children playing games, this does not come from a sense of superiority, but from a deep understanding of their eternal innocence. When they judge you, now you understand that you need not judge them back, because that would be like you defending yourself against a child’s imaginary game. If they shape their little hand into an imaginary gun, regardless of how many illusionary bullets they shoot your way, they cannot hurt you. Your choice to not defend yourself is thus not a sign of weakness, but of clarity, that comes from the understanding, that you forever remain, as God created you.

Today, let us practice seeing those who judge us, not as mean, bad or evil, but simply as asleep to who in truth they are. If we judge those that judge us, that simply means that we too are asleep. Let us awaken from the ego’s dream, and choose to no longer sacrifice our time, energy, peace of mind and joy, to judging those who are unaware of their loving nature. Instead, let us use those moments, when judgment comes at us, as a call from the Universe, asking us to become a symbol of the awaken mind, and forgive them their fantasies of us. When we forgive or overlook others dreams or fantasies of us, and align with our loving nature, what we are in essence saying, is that we, and because we are all One, all of us, are forever worthy of peace of mind and joy.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

Thank you. It’s hard in business situations though. I have a hard time not defending myself or at least explaining behaviors and trying to work out a solution to conmunication of feelings and worries at work.
But the I don’t have to take it seriously do I.
Thank you
Needed this today.

Thank you Donna for your comment. In every moment simply do what brings you peace and you will have peace. If in the moment you think you have to defend or explain yourself, then that is ok, if that is what brings you peace, defend or explain yourself. But always, after every interaction, review your behavior and feelings, think about what you could have said or done, or what better attitude you could have chosen, that would have consciously aligned you more with God, with the love that in truth you are. You, as God child, are His light, and that is your function in this world, to be God’s light in each and every moment and situation. You are here to represent God on Earth, Love on Earth, and so each day practice taking conscious steps towards fulfilling your function. God will always place you where He needs His Light to shine. Let us always remember, to thank all those people that we interact with, because they are in truth simply helping us release the illusionary thinking that we hold about ourselves, and practice more consciously becoming the light that we came here to be, enjoy, and share with others. No matter what, always remember that God Loves you exactly as you are, and so let us practice trying to use this mindset, loving everyone as they are, in order to show them, each and every day, that they too are completely worthy of God’s and our love. Peace. JBC

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