Daily Inspiration: July 22. You Are Forever Worthy of God’s Loving Embrace – Condensed Version

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Today, let us allow ourself to focus on and be embraced by God’s love. Let us do this especially when the ego is trying to convince us that we are not worthy of God’s company. The ego may have convinced us that our “sins” or “mistakes” make us imperfect, and thus unworthy of a perfect God. But allow me to ask you: If you were in a park and saw your young child running toward you, and she tripped, fell, got up, dusted herself off, and then laughing or crying kept running toward you for a hug, would you love her any less because she fell? Would you hug her with any less intensity because she tripped on her way to you? Now my friend, multiply the love that you have for your own child by infinity and eternity, and you just may begin to conceptualize the love that God has for you, His child and creation.

Today, if you are feeling alone, down or unworthy of God, learn to use such moments, not to continue drowning in the ego’s delusions, but instead as a call from God asking you to unite with the Divine. The more you practice uniting with God, the more natural and right the sense of Oneness will feel. The more at one you are able to feel with God, the more worthy of God you will recall that you are. Today, enter into this conscious alignment with God confidently, knowing that as God’s child, you are forever worthy of His Inheritance. No longer fear or worry that you can do something to change, limit or diminish God’s love for you. Today, practice looking upon everyone you meet as God looks upon you. Continue to do so until you feel and realize the wisdom and transformational power of Divine vision, mercy and grace.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (4)

As humans we are always striving to earn God’s love, not realizing that He loves us unconditionally, which is sometimes a very hard concept for us to feel, as we persue to love each other unconditionally..That’s were our humanness comes in, we have to keep striving to become better.. thank you for your column….

Thank you Jean for being open to the message.

Indeed there is no such thing as ‘earning’ God’s love. You can’t earn what you have always had.

The truth in all of us is the love that God is. The truth in us is all that will be ever real or true.

Today when doubting God’s love, simply choose to stop with that line of thinking. Remind yourself that you control the thoughts you think, the thoughts you think should not be controlling you. When you doubt God’s love for you you are allowing the ego to take over your thoughts and thus of your mind and life. No, enough is enough. Take back control of your mind by consciously choosing to align your thoughts with only your eternal loving essence and nature. It is in doing so that you align with the mind of God. It is in doing so that you recall your true worth. It is by recalling your true worth that you become the light of the world that God created you to be.

Peace. JBC

I pra.y to align myself with God so I may know his Love

Thank you Ione for being a member of our community.

You are indeed forever One with God. In any interaction, if you align with God’s Love, you fulfill your mission by becoming who you were created to be.

Peace. JBC

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