Daily Inspiration: July 24. The Sacred Nature of Every Moment – Condensed Version

Your day is simply a result of how you choose to spend your moments, and your life is simply a result of how you choose to spend your days. Manifest your dreams by increasing those moments during your day, that you consciously align with what personally brings you joy, passion, fulfillment, and inner peace. Equally so, consciously start decreasing those moments during your day, that you spend supporting thoughts that are aligned with the ego’s programming, such as those of judgment, struggle, anxiousness, stress, and anger. Yet above all, offer gratitude for each and every moment, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, for some moments will help you manifest your dreams, and others moments will help you figure out, what it is that you are doing, that is not helping you reach your goals.

Today, let us practice noticing, when we are trusting the sacred nature of each moment, or when we are  reacting to them as the ego has programmed us to do. Some symbols that show us that we are aligned with the sacred nature of each and every moment, are when we are feeling forgiving, grateful, peaceful, joyful, loving and trusting in God. Some symbols that show us that we are not in alignment with the sacred nature of each and every moment, in essence being ruled by the ego’s mindset and programs, are when we are feeling judgmental, frustrated, worried, stressed out, angry, resentful, hateful and fearful. When we find ourselves aligned the ego’s mindset, let us simply forgive our misperceptions, be grateful that we are now aware enough to choose trust over judgment, and once again become, a symbol of peace.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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I am in a marriage where my husband is very negative and when he’s in my presence there is very negative energy and I need to leave the room. I can’t be near my husband. I have tried talking to him but he does not change. I understand that every situation in my life I have chosen, but what should I do?

Thank you Shelby for being a member of our community.

Your husband’s negativity can only affect you if you allow it to affect you. Only you can think the thoughts you think. Thus, it is within you where the healing must begin. Use such situations to practice taking greater control over the thoughts that you yourself are thinking. Practice using such situations to help you recall that it is you who should be in control of your thoughts, that your thoughts should not be in control of you. Practice using such situations to increase, through prayer and meditation, your conscious connection to God, to The Light, to Love, forgiveness and compassion.

To assist you in all this, self-analysis with a professional would be useful. Along with that, marriage counseling would also be of use. If all that seems to fail, then a separation may need to be made. But unless you heal yourself you will simply attract and choose someone exactly like the man you just left. This is done not as a punishment to you, but as a healing opportunity that is being presented to you. As a gift from God, and from all those men and people from your past, present and future, to you.

Peace. JBC

I loved this post this morning. It made me feel so joyful and peaceful and so I think it shows that I am making progress in shifting out of my ego-dominated mind-set.

Thank you so much for your wonderful daily messages. They are so helpful and constantly make me think and change my approach to life.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message and for your kind words. Peace. JBC

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