Daily Inspiration: July 31. Living Fully Within the Present Moment – Condensed Version

When you are living in the now, you are living in alignment with your loving nature. When you’re in alignment with the now, you are using and experiencing Love’s expressions. Love’s expressions are many, such as forgiveness, generosity, compassion and trusting in the Divine. These are all energetic expressions of your true nature. When in alignment with your true nature, you will feel loving, balanced, safe, fulfilled, content and at peace. When you are feeling this way, it is because you are allowing God to flow through you. In essence, you are representing the Divine on Earth. Thanks to free will, the choice to align with your loving nature is always yours to make. Every moment offers you this opportunity — to choose your true loving nature over the ego’s programs, and thus peace over pain.

Today, let us learn to recognize when we are living in the now and when we are not. Using any of Love’s expressions is a sign that we are one with the present moment. Any expression that seems to be in opposition to Love’s expressions is a sign that we are out of alignment with the now. Peace of mind, joy, forgiveness, compassion and trust in the Divine, all expressions of Love, are signs that we are in the now. If we are lacking these expressions in any moment, it is not because we are unworthy of them. It is because we are valuing the ego’s past programs more than the now. When you find yourself out of alignment with the now, there is no need judge yourself or others. Simply recognize that your mind is not where you belong, then align with your loving nature, and choose again.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (4)

Great insight James , found this writing to be a good reflection focus this morning , thank you brother….

Thank you Scott for being a member of our community.

May you continue, to on a daily basis be, a light in this world.

Peace. JBC

Excellent message today. It forces me to think in the moment rather than react. I’m a good reactor. Thinking about this gives me peace.

Thank you John for being open to the message.

In every moment, thanks to free will, we can choose between seeing this world through the ego’s fear based judgment centric lens or through Love’s lens where the peace and joy of God reflects from you to everyone and from everyone to you.

Today, make the conscious decision, in each Holy Instant, to make compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy your constant companions and you’ll have them flowing through you and throughout your day.

Peace. JBC

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