Daily Inspiration: July 6. Becoming Less Judgmental of Your Past – Condensed Version

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Who we are today is because of our past. When we think about our past and past self, let us recognize all the trials and tribulations that we had to go through and overcome in order to make our present self the more self-aware being that we are today. When we look at and think of our past self in this manner, as someone who helped us along our journey, wouldn’t gratitude begin to replace our past judgments? Isn’t our past self worthy of our present self’s appreciation? When we look at our past self in this more loving, compassionate and understanding manner, then we can also look at our past in this same way. Now we know that our past, and the experiences that it provided us, have helped lift us to a higher level of consciousness.

Today, let us practice being more gentle, compassionate, forgiving and understanding with our past self. Let us recognize that without our past self, our present self would not be as open, self-aware, wise and compassionate. Let us also be grateful to all those who participated in our past for helping awaken us to who we now are. The more we understand how much we have grown and matured thanks to our past, the less judgmental we will be of it, ourself and those from it. The less judgmental we are of it, the more peace we will feel toward it and those who shared it with us. The more at peace we are with our past and those in it, the easier it will be for us to forgive all the judgments of self and others that we once held so dear. The more at peace we are with our past, the greater beacon of grace, peace and understanding we will be for others.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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This is such a great topic to remember! The mind seems to always default to what went wrong in the past and find the negative moments to blame for our current situation. When in reality, looking back with gratitude for all the good things that happened only to find out the good outnumbered the bad. It takes effort but so worth working to make the mind default to looking at all the good that has occurred in our pasts.

Thank you Geoff for being open to the message.

When we learn to see the gifts that the past has offered our present self, gratitude, not judgment, will become our response to our past, past-self, and to all those who were a part of it.

Then, we will be able to use this logic and use it in the now, the present moment. Now, no matter how dark the ego may insist that our times may be, as we awaken will be able to see the spark it in, that glimmer of light that will direct us out of the darkness and back into alignment with the Light within.

It is when we start to see time, the past, present and future, not how we have been programmed to see it, not through the ego’s dark lens of anger, resentment and fear, but instead through the eyes of God, through the lens of love, mercy and grace, it is then that we will begin to see all people and things as they truly are, all God’s creations, all gifts that God offers us to help us grow, mature, heal and awaken to the truth within.

When we learn to see each moment as a gift from God to us, it is then that we will be able to offer each moment as a gift from us to this world.

Peace. JBC

Great writing , thank you James !

Thank you Scott for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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