Daily Inspiration: July 8. God’s Love Is Always Available To You – Condensed Version

God has selected all of us, or else all of us would not be here. If you are here on Earth, it is because God and the world need you here. Today, if in despair or a sense of hopelessness seems to be draining the oxygen out of the sky you breathe, pause and say to yourself, “I now choose to stop supporting thoughts and a mindset that are not supporting me.” Then look inward and from deep within your heart and soul, ask to have the breath of life once again breathed into you. Love is your oxygen. Love is your true fuel source and foundation. Love is your eternal essence and nature. Being all One, when you feel low on fuel, offer love to others. When you do, love will flow through you and throughout your day. Offer what you desire to experience, and you will feel your own tank refilling.

Today, if you find yourself lost within the ego’s darkness, do not worry. Instead, learn to use these instances to call upon the Light, the Love that God is. The more you practice calling upon the Light, the more you will see that the Light is always available to you. In any moment, invite God into your heart, mind and soul and ask the Divine to lead you out of the darkness. You have come here to be a light within the darkness, a beacon of peace to those who are lost in the storm. Today, practice returning to the present moment, the holy instant in time where the Love of God forever resides. Then share with others the aspect of Love that the moment requests. The more you practice this process, the more you will see and understand that God’s Love is available to you in every moment and in all its forms.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (4)

I have been reading your emails for a long time now. .the ego seems to be the one who takes our thoughts and messes with our minds…if this is true then the ego is the devil…when those thoughts come to me I immediately go to our Lord..and ask for his protection from evil thoughts…Jesus has always been in my life, but I can truly say..I have just come to know him really well…..

Thank you Jean for your comment and for being open to the message.

Yes, when an unkind, fear based, angry thoughts tries to enter your mind, remember, that God is Love and All, and so that thought is itself a lie.

You can very well tell that thought that it is a lie and that you only desire to think thoughts that Jesus would think, thoughts of love, compassion, forgiveness, kindness and charity.

We are all One and God is Love and All, thus our True thoughts can only come from God and can only be our true thoughts.

Every other thought, those of evil, darkness and pain do come from evil entities, those spirits that are lost and afraid, and you can very well call them the devil, devils or demons. Remember that those demons, evil thoughts can never stand before the Light of Jesus, and so call Jesus in, ask Jesus to please let you think like He does and only as He does.

Learn to as many times during the day practice calling on Jesus, especially when you feel the enemy trying to come in. Tell the enemy that it and its thoughts are lies, that you will not spend any of your time, focus or energy on its lies, and that only Jesus and His thoughts are real. Do so, practice every day aligning consciously aligning with God, and become an example to others that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are forever with them, within them, and just a thought or choice away.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for this wonderful timely reminder

Thank you Stephanie for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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