Daily Inspiration: June 5. Aligning With Your Life’s Purpose – Condensed Version

There are very deep, sacred and personal reasons why you are moved by certain activities and experiences. Your individual passions are unique to you. Honor them, for they are keys to the purpose of your mission here on Earth. Every day, take steps, no matter how small they may be, toward clarifying these three questions: What brings you joy? What fulfills you? What you are passionate about? Do so and you’ll be offering yourself a clearer picture of the reason why you are here. Do not be swayed by the crowd, for it is not their journey, it is yours. Trust in your sacred journey that you co-designed with The Divine, and equally so, in the journeys that all others have co-created with their Creator. Today, no matter how much the ego demands that you judge self and others, promise yourself that you will rise above its battlefields.

Today, take a step inward and ask yourself: What are you passionate about? What brings you peace, fulfillment and joy? How can you best serve this world? The answers to these questions are keys to your unique mission here on Earth. Every day, spend more of your time, focus and energy on what you believe you are meant to do. Spend less of your time, focus and energy worrying about what others think you should do. This is not done to be disrespectful. This is done because you are answering a higher calling, one that you have co-designed with the Divine. Today, go within, focus on your loving nature, and allow the aspect of Love that the moment needs — to flow from you. Do so and know that, aligned with the Divine, you will fulfill your function and purpose here on this planet.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember


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Comments (2)

Such a great reminder!
With so many outside influences from social media the news etc, it’s so quick to be swayed to the “I should haves or should be something different “
Thanks again for the reminder of looking inward for the truth!

Thank you Geoff for being open to the message.

Indeed it is within you where your truth resides. Each day move within, towards what you are passionate about, towards what bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Do so and you will be clearing the path to your personal mission here on Earth, to the unique aspect and expression of Love that you came here to be and share.

Peace. JBC

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