Daily Inspiration: March 30. Becoming As Little Children – Condensed Version

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Today, let us leave the hardened, desolate and lonely world that the ego has taught us to judge and fight, and like little children return to the hidden playground within our own hearts and minds. Let us remember that in every moment, this world is a creation of our mind. It is a reflection of what we choose to value, focus on and support as true. If we choose to see a playground, we will play and make friends with those we meet along the way. If we choose to see it as a war zone, we will fight and defend ourselves until our last dying breaths. Today, no matter how much war the ego demands, like little children, let us laugh away and overlook its silly requests to judge and fight our friends. Instead, let us make the conscious decision to play with all those who God has brought to the playground.

Today, how hard can a day like this be, if all we are being asked to do is play nicely with the children that God has brought to the park for us to play with? Today, anytime that the ego demands that we judge and battle with our friends instead of play, let us overlook the silliness of such a request, and continue our play. Remember, thanks to free will, the moment is ours to do with as we wish. Our natural way is to play. As Love’s creations, being loving is our most natural game. Today, remember that as Love’s creation, you are here to love. When you forget to love, simply laugh at the silly notion that the opposite of God (who is Love and All) could be real. Then, after having recalled your true loving essence, go back to playing, to being God’s child, to being who you were created to be.

May your day be filled with Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”


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Daily Inspiration: March 30, Condensed Version:  Becoming as Little Children

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