Daily Inspiration: May 19. Experiencing The Act Of Unlearning As A Gift – Condensed Version

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When you are sharing your true loving essence and its expressions, such as compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, you will feel a flowing sensation and a sense of fulfillment. That’s because you are doing what you have come here to do. When you are not expressing your true loving essence, you will feel empty, stuck, heavy, passionless, confused or without direction. These feelings arise to help show you when you are diverting from your true path. The challenging times when you feel out of alignment or lack balance are not there to punish or condemn you or others. They can be used as wake-up calls to help you to awaken to your true power and nature. In these instances, you have the opportunity to consciously unlearn, and thus deprogram yourself from the ego’s mindset.

Today, let us practice going from judging to being grateful for the way we choose to grow. Growth is not a time to put ourself down. It’s a time to appreciate our greater self-awareness. Everything we have gone through has given us the life experiences and wisdom that we currently have. Everything that we once judged ourself and others for can now be understood and used as teaching tools. Now, we are better able to navigate our way out of the darkness and back into alignment with the light. Thanks to our life experiences, we can become clearer examples of who we were all created to be. We can unlearn everything that is not us, that is not love. Now, we can spend more time as examples of the light that is in all of us, and less time delving into the ego’s darkness, delusions and despair.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Daily Inspiration: May 19. Experiencing The Act Of Unlearning As A Gift – Condensed Version.


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I love the daily inspiration and find strength and encouragement from them when the journey gets tough. This message is particularly important for me as i have reached a point where i feel nothing. When i first read your book some 10 years ago and the subsequent discovery of ACIM i felt reborn and so in touch with god being an expression of his love. Life since then has worn me down and i feel nothing. No love or hate often anger but even in meditation i feel disconnected. This message has made me realise just how much i have let the ego take over and i am going to get back to who i was.

Thank you Jo for being open to the message.

Try the following two things:

1) Practice, in every moment and interaction possible, returning to the now. You return to the now by listen to what aspect of Love the moment is requesting and asking you to be. For example, someone may be worried and you help, by the words you use, guide them to trust God more. Another example could be when someone is talking negatively of someone else, and the aspect of Love that you can invite them to try is forgiveness and developing a greater send of compassion.

2) Anytime you feel disconnected, choose to not sink deeper into the darkness by placing your time, focus and energy on such thoughts. Instead, learn to use such moment as an opportunity to connect consciously with God. Now, use that situation to invest, your time, focus and energy into physically feeling God around you. Visualize and feel His love and light embracing you. Then feel His love and light entering you. All His light and love to enter you. Do so until you start to overflow with his love and light. Keep practice doing so each and every day. then sooner or later you will realize that you are indeed worthy of Him being your eternal companion.

Peace. JBC

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