Daily Inspiration: May 31. Freeing Ourselves From The Burden of Judgment – Condensed Version

You have, unconscious of it as you may be, asked for help in creating a less judgmental experience and world. You have thus brought into your life, the individuals, situations and opportunities, that through your acts of forgiveness, are here to teach you freedom from the burden of judgment. Yes, every time your ego tries to convince you to judge self or other, what is really happening is that the Universe is bringing into your life, the opportunities to choose to free yourself from a mindset that has you chained to the ego’s world. It accomplishes this by manifesting your thoughts and beliefs into the physical form. This way it becomes easier for you to see the false concepts that you are hiding within, that are separating you from the states of peace and joy.

Today, when the ego once again demands that we judge ourselves or others, let us recall that we have free will, and confidently but politely refuse. Now, knowing that the ego judgment-centered roads do not lead us to the states of peace and joy, let us look for a wiser and more loving Advisor. As the ego’s judgment centered programs lead us to confusion and chaos, so will God’s loving expression of forgiveness lead us to clarity and peace. Aligned with Love, we now see thank the ego for being a part of a sacred process that led us to God. Aligned with Love, we now forgive all those who we were once programmed by the ego to judge. Now, we see them as also a sacred part of our awakening process. Now, our past judgments of them turn to gratitude, which then leads us to the states of peace and joy.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember


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Comments (2)

Thank you. I really needed to read this today. Opportunities for forgiveness and to practice non-judgement r everywhere. I need help in understanding that others journey r as sacred to them as mine is to me. Peace.

Thank you Sandra for being open to the message.

Let us no longer judge ourselves for being judgmental, instead let us thank the Universe, for bringing into our awareness, the opportunities to practice forgiveness, release judgment, and thus to achieve a more conscious and continuous peaceful and compassionate nature. Then let us thank our brothers and sisters for bringing to us such opportunities for growth, healing and awakening, into our experience.

Peace. JBC

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