Daily Inspiration: November 10. Enlightenment: Reuniting With Our Eternal Essence – Condensed Version

A person who is enlightened is simply one who is in alignment with their eternal loving essence and nature. A person who is enlightened, at One with their Source, is one who is at peace with the realization that each and every moment is a sacred co-creation with The Divine, and thus always is in service of a higher purpose. No matter how much the ego would try to have you condemn and be critical of the moment, an awakened being’s response to it is one of gratitude, not judgment. Gratitude, because an awakened being understands that an all-loving God always has his or her best interests in mind. An enlightened being does not need to wait for peace to manifest in the external world in order to experience it. Instead, he or she carries the state of peace within, and thus to wherever they go.

Today, let us remember that enlightenment is not a destination but a realization. It is a realization that we are God’s children, eternal in nature, and perfect exactly as we were created to be. Each one of us a perfect ray of light, bouncing off the surfaces of this world, here to bring clarity, in our own unique ways, to the confused mindset of the ego’s world. Love is your Father and Creator, it is your true nature and essence, it is your foundation and Home. Love and its expressions are symbols of a mind awake, of an enlightened being, of someone who knows who in truth they are and were created to be. Today, as an enlightened being, as one who is One with Source, let us be humble and ask Love to lead the way, to speak and act through us to bring hope to those feeling hopeless, and healing to those who are hurting.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Dear James, this was a very useful post for me today. I am enduring a very difficult time in my life at the moment and I frequently feel stressed and afraid. I know that I shouldn’t and I do try very hard to overcome it. Your post today has helped me shift focus and feel more peaceful. Thank you.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

Whenever stress or fear come knocking at you mind’s door, instead of putting yourself down for feeling this way, see it as a call from The Universe inviting you to trust God more.

The more you practice trusting God instead of your fears, the more peace and less fear you will experience.

Practice choosing trust over fear, over and over again, until trust and peace start becoming your natural responses to your environment.

Today note that when you put your trust in God, your stress and fear diminish. Note that if you place the moment fully in God’s hands all your stresses and fears will begin to dissolve before your light and understanding.

Today, stop investing your time, focus and energy on your stresses and worries and dedicate that same time, focus and energy to trusting in God’s perfect plan for you, His loving child and creation.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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