Daily Inspiration: November 19. Ending the Ego’s Guilt Game – Condensed Version

What God created cannot be made imperfect. God, being perfect, created all in perfection. When we realize our divine nature, judgment and guilt dissolve before our light and understanding. One who is aligned with the mind of God has no need for judgment or guilt. Where there is no judgment, there is no need for guilt. Guilt, in and of itself, is not real because its source, the ego, is not a real aspect of us. Nothing that tries to place itself in opposition to All can be real or true. Feeling or judging others as guilty is simply a sign of someone who is aligned with the ego’s mindset. If the ego is thinking for you, it is living your life for you. When you feel or judge others as guilty, you are choosing the ego’s plan over God’s. But do not despair, for you have free will. Thanks to free will, you can choose to no longer support the ego’s false concepts as true.

Today, if guilt comes calling, use it as a trigger to recall that God loves you, not to criticize yourself or others. Nothing you could ever think, say or do could change God’s mind about you. You are love and loved, not judgment and guilt. Judgment and guilt, which the ego uses as an opposition to Love, who is All, could never be real or true. Today, drop the ego’s fairy tales and fully support the truth in you as true. When you do, you will see that it’s time to say goodbye to judgment and guilt. Thank them for showing you that they are no longer needed. Now replace your perception of guilt with divine innocence. In doing so, you replace Hell with Heaven. It is this heavenly mindset that you are here on Earth to share with others. Now see all of God’s children as He created them, and by doing so become a facilitator of divine innocence in this world.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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