Daily Inspiration: November 24. Two Ways to View Judgment – Condensed Version

Today, let us remember that judgment is the ego’s primary fuel source. In duality, we can use judgment in two main ways. The first way is to use it to put ourself and others down. This fuels the ego, increasing its grip over our thoughts, mind and life. The second way to view judgment is to see and use it as a trigger mechanism, a sort of wake up call from the Universe that invites us to awaken from our sleep. The more we use the ego’s judgments in this manner, the less suffering and pain we will experience. The less time we spend judging, the less fuel the ego gets. The less we use the ego’s ways, the sooner it will dissipate and disappear from our life. As our delusions disperse, the light within us shines brighter, helping guide us and others out of a darkness that we never belonged in.

Today, let us make judgment our ally and not our adversary. Instead of condemning ourself and others, let us use judgment for good — to help us grow, heal and awaken. God is Love and All. Thus every moment can be used to help awaken us to our loving nature. Knowing this, we no longer need to use judgment to condemn or imprison us within the ego’s fear-based mindset. The heavy burdens from our past judgments no longer need to darken our present and future. Now we can use our life experiences to decide what does and does not bring peace to our mind and joy to our heart. Now, thanks to our life experiences, forgiveness, compassion and understanding are in our tool belt. Now, with awareness in one hand and trust in the Divine in the other, we are free to create the life we came here to build and share.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (4)

Perfect timing.Id been mindful,thought I wouldn’t have a brainstorm.
Than a family mber got in an accident.I went into panic mode.crazy feelings like going down on a roller coaster and I know better.Later I was mean to a loved friend.I saw and see my subconscious mind is showing me what’s in me that needs to be first forgiven accepted and then prayed about. I hope it is a sign I will be clearing out these hidden parts of me through the Holy Spirit,prayer and joined spiritual prayer and things like that. I need not be embarassed,embarrassed, need to loveyself accept myself and recognize the ego is fighting back.And always love everyone I meet or think about like Jesus does all at the same time.

Thank you Donna for being a member of our community.

Each time you find yourself in the pit of the ego’s judgment-centric fear-based fairy tale, consciously realize that you are somewhere you do not belong. Then take a deep breath, forgive yourself and others, and by doing so begin to walk back unto the path to peace.

You walk back unto the path of peace by choosing to dedicate your time, focus and energy only towards loving thoughts, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, and a trust in God. It is they that will help lead you to your desired destination.

When fear-based thoughts take over your mind and thinking, stop that line of thinking as soon as possible, recall that God who is perfect Love is in control, and that because of that all will be alright. Keep investing your trust in God instead of your judgments and fears and soon your judgments and fears will begin to diminish and dissolve away.

Always remind yourself, that as God’s creation you are forever worthy of His inheritance, of the state of peace. And so anytime you lack peace you can simply stop and remind yourself: “I am God’s creation, worthy of His inheritance, I can now trust God and thus choose peace instead of this.” “I can now choose peace instead of this.”

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

I guess most judgement comes from ego However I also believe that through evolution we’ve had to make many quick decisions in terms of self preservation.So believe this fuels our snap judgment too.Thank you for your daily readings,help to keep me in tune with my true nature.Peace & love.

Thank you Joseph for your comment and for being open to the message.

When we discuss judgment here, we use it more as: Seeing others as less than the love that they were created by their Creator to be.

Self preservation is indeed being self loving, thus in these writings not really seen as judgment.

I hope that clarifies a little how I use the term in these messages.

Peace. JBC

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